UPS buys Overnite express

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by speeddemon, May 16, 2005.

  1. speeddemon

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    Our center manager told us today that UPS is buying Overnite Express. For those of you that dont know them, they are a LTL carrier. Anyone want to start in on waht the possibilties and drawbacks are?
  2. nevadapaul

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    There is a thread started for the Overnight Express, do you need two???
  3. ironylife

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    nevada put a sock in it...if speed wants to start another thread...let him.
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  5. gman

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    It's to handle the Menlo freight. Most of it is non-union. They will have the option of organizing. Just another bullet point in the UPS portfolio of options for its customer.

    Let the package wars begin! Huge new ad campaign is about to go world wide shortly. UPS has sat quietly by for to long. Big Brown is about to start throwing its weight around.
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    gman: I wish they would follow through on "throwing their weight around". I'am totally freaked as to why we make these idle threats and then do nothing.
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    No drawbacks what so ever. If they help maintain a healthy profit margin so we can continue to receive the great pay and benefits we have I am all for it. And if work leaks into the feeder dept. I love it even more.