UPS Christmas shipping delays bring Amazon refunds, complaints

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    UPS Christmas shipping delays bring Amazon refunds, complaints - Atlanta Business Chronicle Inc. is offering refunds on shipping charges and $20 gift cards after Atlanta-based United Parcel Service Inc. said overwhelming volume left it unable to deliver some packages by Christmas.

    Customers angry over delayed deliveries of packages ordered through Amazon and other retailers complained via Twitter and Facebook. Some said UPS’ decision to stick to its schedule of no Christmas deliveries was unacceptable. (UPS said Christmas Eve that drivers would not work December 25, but that the company’s Louisville hub would work Wednesday night to sort packages so that they could be delivered the day after Christmas).
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    This may not cost Amazon as much as it seems at first glance. They were offering free shipping on almost everything so there would be no refunds in those situations, just the gift cards (to be used on future Amazon purchases to retain customers it looks like).
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    If you spent over 35.00 free shipping non prime member. They were customers who spent less than 35.00
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    I am not a prime member and got free shipping. I just ordered something else from Amazon and got free shipping ( I wore out my old elliptical trainer). I did notice the estimated delivery date was next week (which I knew was bogus) but then jumped to first week of January after I went to checkout.