UPS considering expansion of Northwest Jacksonville distribution center

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    UPS considering expansion of Northwest Jacksonville distribution center - Daily Record

    Global logistics giant United Parcel Service Inc. wants to expand its Northwest Jacksonville regional package distribution center by almost 300,000 square feet, boosting the warehouse to nearly 800,000 square feet.

    The company seeks an administrative deviation to the city’s zoning code to increase parking and reduce landscape requirements to accommodate the expansion at its 105-acre property at 4420 Imeson Road in Westside Industrial Park.
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    Really hope this can help me go combo. I've put in 12 years and can't go package or feeder so I hope it creates some ft spots
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    After my experience of the last 2 weeks and hearing about the condition of their buildings of many drivers within the district, I am convinced that UPS had better invest a lot of money into the infrastructure of the company or they are going to have a rude awakening one day. For example, there is a large center center that it takes nearly 400 man hours to break the center down just to get the cars to the streets.
    I thought my center was bad and we are small. But if all centers are working out of PDCs with cars nose to nose and preloads are having to handle a single package a dozen times to get it to the proper car then there are infrastructure issues that need to be addressed.
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    New leadership wouldn't hurt.....