UPS Creates 575 New Jobs In Houston With New Package Delivery Operation


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  • Employment opportunities now available for full-time and part-time positions
  • Location provides strategic transportation network access to air, rail, major interstate highway corridors, cross-border and commercial cargo shipping lanes
  • New facility in greater Houston area expands UPS network to better serve customers in one of the nation’s ten fastest growing cities

UPS (NYSE:UPS) today announced the new package delivery facility in northwest Houston’s Willowbrook area has created 575 new full- and part-time jobs. Now operating at full capacity, the new facility will significantly increase UPS’s delivery fleet serving Houston, the fourth most populated city in the United States.

“The new Willowbrook package processing facility is yet another key addition to the UPS® network that connects businesses of all sizes and consumers throughout the world,” said Deryl Hill, president of UPS’s Red River District that includes Texas and Oklahoma. “UPS continues to increase its capacity in Texas to meet the expanding shipping needs of our commercial and residential customers across this fast-growing state.”

Home to the largest medical complex in the world, Houston area healthcare and life sciences businesses will benefit from enhanced delivery speed and accuracy from the new Willowbrook center’s advanced package scanning and sortation equipment. For parcels requiring strict temperature environments, from CRT to cryogenic, and those requiring around-the-clock monitoring, UPS has solutions such as UPS Temperature True™ and UPS Proactive Response™ services. UPS has approximately 7 million square feet of cGMP- or cGDP-compliant healthcare distribution space worldwide.

Spanning 258,000 square feet, the new UPS Willowbrook package delivery operation includes a retail customer service center, truck wash with a water reclamation system and an automotive repair shop that sits on a 68 acre area - seven times more than the Houston Astrodome covers. The new package center is powered by highly-automated technology that rapidly moves packages through the scanning and sorting process, capturing data to increase delivery accuracy and adding flexibility to respond to customer needs. UPS Smart Label® applicators place detailed shipping labels on packages at a speed of three per second, which enables more efficient processing by UPS employees for local delivery.

In 2018, UPS opened 22 new or retro-fit automated facilities globally as part of a multi-year investment plan to grow the company’s global smart logistics network. Combined, these new facilities and retrofits have added more than 5 million square feet of package processing capacity, with between 25% and 35% higher efficiency.

Today, more than 25,000 employees in Texas provide package delivery, ground freight, air, freight forwarding, healthcare and contract logistics services. Permanent UPS jobs – including part-time jobs -- come with great pay and benefits, including healthcare and retirement benefits. At many UPS® locations, part-time employees are eligible to receive up to $25,000 in tuition assistance through the company’s Earn and Learn program.

Interested jobseekers can begin the application process at, which has a fully mobile version of the job application site.


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I can't even imagine the start up cluster friend this would be. Centers that have been operating for 75+ years are disorganized. Opening a new building and getting all the routes organized and schedules set and keeping a workforce must give those who do it heart attacks.