UPS damaged package!

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  1. alexm7

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    I shipped a Bose Home Theater System about a week ago and the buyer received a totally damaged system.

    It was marked as fragile, but was obviously not treated as fragile. UPS will inspect the item at the buyer's home to see if they can reimburse me for the damage. My only concern is that I did not have insurance.

    Is there any one else at UPS I can contact about this situation?
  2. ikoi62

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    1st off we never inspect the package at the customers location.
    second please show the box it was shipped in.
  3. alexm7

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    Well, this is what UPS stated over the phone. The pictures of the box weren't provided, but it was a 24x20x20 if I'm not mistaken
  4. PassYouBy

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    How was it packed? New box with styrofoam?
  5. UPSviking

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    The box is everything not the goods themselfs....
  6. upsgrunt

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    IF UPS pays the claim, and that's up in the air at this point, the most you will get is $100.00 and you will have to prove that with documentation. If you don't pay for extra insurance, you most certainly will not receive the benefits of it.
  7. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Actually we do.

    Usually they send a driver by to pick up the package for inspection, but not that often anymore.

    Sir, since you did not purchase insurance, as has been stated, $100 dollars is the maximum that UPS will pay on the claim. And you might or might not get that, depending on the package and how it was packed.

    That is why the flurry of questions as to photos of the box and packing materiels used. The photos of the damage is secondary to the damage to the package itself, and the packing materiel you used.
    Again, that is your position. But as a practial matter, we dont have the time to hand carry that package through our system one at a time, so we have to be mechanized. And when you use machines, stuff happens.

    My biggest question is why did you not insure the package for the proper value? To save money? How often do you ship packages via someone like UPS, Fedex or the postal service?

  8. QUOTE[It was marked as fragile, but was obviously not treated as fragile.]QUOTE

    Well, no wonder it got damaged, you wrote in Italian
  9. Bryishre

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    Thats a classic. lol
  10. helenofcalifornia

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    How much did it weigh?
  11. hondo

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    I'm sorry for your loss.
    Assuming you packed this yourself, did you look and follow the 4 pages of guidelines at under the support > shipping > how to prepare your package for shipment ?
  12. alexm7

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    It weighs 57lbs.
  13. gostillerz

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    You can see from the "evidence" that is was not properly packaged. Damaged corners, torn speaker fabric. The sub and satellites were banging against each other in transit.

    Lesson 1) Don't use crumpled newspaper or 23 packing peanuts to ship electronics, hoping that writing fra-gee-lay on the box will cover your poor packaging.

    Lesson 2) Offer insurance. If they decline it, you're in the clear (unless you didn't understand lesson 1).
  14. dannyboy

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    I can see that you are following this thread closely, and you want to either play games, or choose to only answer those questions that do not show what your not so carefully shot photos show. Do that with UPS, and you wont even get your $100.

    First off, there is damaged plastic or alumium on the housing. That was caused by impact. The bubble wrap that you used is not proper packing to protect electronic equipment. Bubble wrap is only used as a space filler, or in cases of things like glass ware, to protect items from each other. It is never ever used like you used it.

    The other damage is to one of the corners of the box. That corner shows several small impact areas, all caused by thin small bubble wrap that you used to wrap the parts in. Again, this is not designed for that purpose, and totally worthless packing for what you shipped.

    Then lets go to the box. I see what seems to be that under one of the photos. From what I can see, not the original box it was shipped in. Without any of the foam inserts to protect the contents.

    So no, I dont think UPS wil honor the claim, as it seems you not only were too cheap to buy insurance, you were also too cheap to pack it correctly for the transit.

    So, I believe you have your answer. Unless I miss my guess on insurance. So.......why did you not purchase insurance on this shipment????

  15. helenofcalifornia

    helenofcalifornia Well-Known Member

    In all honesty Danny, if he had purchased the extra insurance, more than likely UPS would have denied the claim for insufficient packing. I would love to know the percentage of claims that are paid out by UPS.
  16. UnsurePost

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    It is my understanding, unless things have changed; you cannot 'buy' insurance/protection on a package that contains electronics UNLESS it is in it's original box and original packaging. That is what I went by at the customer counter anyway.
  17. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Insurance is to cover accidental damage through fault of the company.

    In this case, the customer used substandard packing materiels (more out of lack of knowledge I think) and a box that would not handle the weight of the package.

    Since the box portions that were visable showed no sign of water damage, it would seem that the box pretty much came appart in transit, or at the very least was damaged.

    With only a thin layer of bubble wrap, there was no protection at all for the contents.

    So, Helen, you are correct, even if the insurance was bought, the claim would most likely not be paid.

    I do find the lack of postings of items we asked for to be the loudest conformation of improper packing the customer could make.

  18. Kraetos

    Kraetos Preload, Loader

    Putting a fragile sticker or writing fragile on a box is always ignored by preloaders at least in my hub. I love it when they will write 'Very Fragile' on the box, that always gets a laugh.
  19. DorkHead

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    Alexm7, all the above posters are most likely correct. However, if UPS won`t pay up on the $100.00 claim, you might consider filing a claim against UPS in small claims court. UPS might or might not follow through so it`s worth a shot.
  20. UPSGUY72

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    The words "FRAGILE" Don't mean a dam thing ups handles millions ofpackages each day if we treated packages labelled fragile any different than normal we would never get aanything delivered. Like the other have said you obviously didn't pack the equipment properly.

    In order for UPS to start a claim they are going to send a driver with Damaged call tag to the delivery address where the drive will pick up the damaged items in the box that they where shipped in and return them to the clerk at there building.

    If you get anything you'll only get up to $100.00. But from the pictures you not going to get anything because you didn't package your items properly.

    You can't stuff 60lbs worth of stuff in a forty pound box and expect it to get to it's location in one piece

    Electronic companys don't use bubble wrap they use styrofoam for a reason.