UPS delivering updated handheld for drivers

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    UPS delivering updated handheld for drivers - Atlanta Journal Constitution

    The handheld device that UPS drivers use as the primary tool of their trade is getting smaller and smarter. It could soon be as small as a fancy remote control.

    UPS and Honeywell International announced Wednesday they are creating a new device called the DIAD V, or Delivery Information Acquisition Device, fifth-generation.

    Brown-clad UPS drivers use the DIADs to scan packages on pick-up, track them during transit and confirm delivery. The devices also have route maps and can send messages to redirect drivers. FedEx drivers use a similar device.
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    I think the DIAD we use now is pretty darn good considering the fact that fending off a rather upset German Shepard is not always pleasant. It sounds to me like the DIAD IV is more effective than the new remote control they are devoloping. Although, the only time i feel truely secure is after dark and i have my Maglite in hand. You can really swing that thing if you need to. Not that i condone the abuse of animals, but, the dog treats don't always work.
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    We do?
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    It looks like a knock off of FedEx Ground's device.