UPS did not discriminate....sez jury....

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by afups, May 7, 2003.

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    See what the jury had to say.
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    But yet here in an undisclosed settlement, one of our clerks won her case. Ive heard 60 grand is what they settled for. UPS settled just hours before the trial was to begin. And for that amount they would not have to admit to any wrongdoing.

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    dannyboy: sometimes it is wise for a company to settle out of court without admitting wrongdoing. It keeps litigation costs down, it stays out of the media, and I would imagine it allows the company to get rid of undesirable employees!

    Our tax dollars at work: the EEOC filed the suit for these people, and a jury told them they were full of :censored2:.

    It seems that every time the EEOC files suit against UPS (and many other companies), they lose.....and we, the taxpayers, pay for their ignorance.
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    Didn't any of them talk to any white people???? UPS isnt a racist company. It treats everyone like crap!!!
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    I heard the decision in this case came back in less than an hour.
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    UPS only treats crap like crap, regardless of race.
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    Vette you have to be make me smile. We have 6 guys in a building of 27 on medication because of the job..not really the job, but managment sqeezes every ounce of work out of these guys to a point where they burn out. Are these guys crap...umm.. no these are the guys that do the most work. They back off the higher seniority drivers and push the newbies. So your comment that UPS treats crap like crap is so wrong,but is par for the course
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    YOU should be on medication....but NOT because of the job.
    Oh, I'm sorry, you are on medication. Tell your doctor to increase the amount, evidently you need stronger medication.
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    It just goes to show when some people are faced with facts they choose to stick their heads in the sand. Instead of having a rebuttle they name call. Shows your intellect.
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    First I am surprised Cheryl allows you to talk like that on this board, but its her website.
    Second your comment that "UPS only treats crap like crap, regardless of race" is a false one.
    The last 2 contracts prove that. I guess workers who are the highest paid in their industry and are treated properly always go on strike or vote to strike....I guess workers who know that the Union is not above the board and in some cases unlawful send the union money each month because you can always trust UPS managment to due the right thing. To say "UPS only treats crap like crap, regardless of race" is to believe the above statements to be true. I hope Vette you can use some kind of example on why your point of view is right rather then lowering this board to a high school chat room.
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    Your point is that the strike was about racial equality? I thought it was about the pension?
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    I think anything and everything is being blamed on race these days. It's getting to be like one of those "trick plays" in football that nobody should fall for but it stills works anyway. Maybe I should pull out the race card every time things don't go my way in life. Ha ha!
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    logic: If you would re-read your posts, it was you who used the term "crap". It was also you who made the reference to drivers being on medication.
    Perhaps you being on medication, you don't remember what you write. Since you didn't say you WEREN'T one of them, I was just pointing out you need stronger medication, since your claims are so outrageous.
    Treating everyone like "crap"? You, yourself, admitted you're the highest paid in the industry. I hardly think that's treating everyone like crap. You also enjoy the highest benefits package in the industry, holidays, personal days, retirement,and medical coverage.
    You will say that's due to your UNION, but remember, UPS agreeded to them. Sounds like being treated like crap to me....NOT
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    My point was that we are paid very well to do what we do. Then why would we all put that in harms way if we are all treated great like Vette says??? Isnt that the perfect job. A job that pays very well and treats you with respect and trust.We all know that the Union is way less then perfect ,but choose to have them repersent us??? Is it mass stupidity??? Now we know we get paid well so it isnt that part of the equation
    ....hmmmm... maybe its the second part. The treatment. Maybe the masses have experienced less then perfect treatment in their career. (definition: treated like crap more then deserved} Maybe the masses put the less then perfect Union and UPS on a scale and see that it tips toward the Union not because they like the Union,but because given the choice between the two evils the masses choose the Union. Your post like I knew it would,has nothing to do with how people are treated. Money isnt everthing as your whole post rambles on about and has absolutely nothing about the treatment of employees or my post. My post of telling about employees on medication(6 out of 27 is way out of proportion} shows that UPS will push individuals to the point of effecting their health and these are the work horses of the building. This shows that UPS doesnt always treat crap like crap as your blanket statement read. Do I think that all management is evil just waiting to pounce on every Do I think there is room for improvemnt of the approach UPS uses ..yes. But Vette's paints a picture of perfect treatment and that just isnt so.
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    Tie my post has nothing to do with the race if you read it.
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    " squeezes every ounce of work out these guys..." these all seem to be relating to hourly workers.
    Heck, we've had 5 FT supervisors in our division (5 centers located within 3 buildings) quit since Christmas. Delivery supervisors, local sort, preload. All since a change in the guard (new division manager). The previous manager was personable and approachable. The new one is not strong in people skills.
    Here it's the supervisors on medication; not the drivers...
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    UPS is a huge company. I'm quite sure there is no school for management that teaches them the tools needed to discriminate. Quite the opposite I would imagine. Problem is that being the huge company it is there will no doubt be those that bring attitudes in with them that they have carried all their lifes. The best way to fight it is to not be silent when you hear or see it.
    Same goes in your everyday life. I am enjoying UPS at this point in my career, but only because I am working for and with some great management people. This has not always been the case, and from my experience it could change in a heartbeat. It all depends on who is in charge.
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    ME too, Ive seen times that I would rather take a beating than go to work. And even with all the hardships that go with the job, it does give a man a lot of satisfaction knowing he did a great job, even if the numbers or managment dont show it.

    IT also says something about some managers that stand up for an hourly employee, even if it means their jobs. Had three sups fired, center manager droped to preload sup, and the division manager back to the hub, all for standing up for a driver.

    So while there are real rats in management at UPS, there are also real men that stand for what is right, even though they place everything on the line when they do.

    Lead on!

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    In my 20+ years at UPS, I've worked with management that was



    Not so good

    Some that should have never been promoted

    They all move on - either to bigger and better things or out of the company. Always operate with a "this too, shall pass" mentality, and you will have no problems with any of them.