UPS driver, 79, ready to deliver on a 6-decade record

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    UPS driver, 79, ready to deliver on a 6-decade record - Accuweather

    Over his 57, going on 58, years of delivering packages for UPS, Tom Camp has driven the equivalent of two round-trips to the moon, or about 40 trips around the equator. In a rare feat that only one other, now retired, UPS employee has accomplished, Camp has reached this mileage without a blemish on his driving record.

    "Tom Camp is a simple man with a very driven work ethic," AccuWeather National Reporter Blake Naftel, who profiled Camp for the TV network, said. "He lives alone, enjoys talking sports and cars, but his primary spark in life literally comes from delivering packages at UPS. It's his life."

    Ron Sowder of Dayton, Ohio, is the only other UPS employee who has reached 50 years behind the wheel of a brown delivery truck. Sowder retired in 2012 with a "50" on his uniform patch. Camp is the proud owner of a "55" on his own jacket.
  2. Wonder if he is on the 9.5. list?
  3. False. We have a gentleman in our center with 55.
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    Anyone who’s willing to risk dying of old age in a UPS truck is certainly a braver man than I.
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    We have a driver older than that. I think maybe a couple YOS less tho....
  6. @Covemastah ?
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    I just get these guys......well if they are happy...
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    Bite me ??
    I’m probably younger than you ! Lol
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    Wow----I saw the caption of this thread and immediately threw-up.
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  10. If you was still working you could pass him up.
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    I'm shooting for a new record--"who has been retired the longest".
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  13. That's a good one!
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    Wonder if they F* with him about his overallowed
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    I guarantee you he is the biggest brown noser in his building.
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  17. Contract says they have to take your age and physical condition into consideration.
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    So in other words this guy gets to just sit in his truck in the building all day and drool?
  19. Just saying you can't compare a 60 year old to a 25 year old

    Usually the 60 year old does a better job. Lol
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  20. Our guy left with just a little over 100 packages today. During peak I think he had at most 160 on his truck.