UPS driver accused of being 'Peeping Tom'

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  1. cheryl

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    A UPS driver is under arrest accused of being a "Peeping Tom. - Today's THV"

    A woman says he snuck into her home and watched her in the bathtub.

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  2. rod

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    I would have to see what this woman looked like before I made up my mind if he was guilty or not. On more than one occasion I opened a door to set a package inside and saw stuff I shouldn't have. Most of those were the kind of gals that make you think you are going to go blind. If he was actually wondering around her house he's toast.
  3. Packmule

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    Arrested driver

    I see where a driver was arrested as a peeping tom. Don't know whether this guy was really invading someones home for that purpose, or just trying to get a package out of sight on a back porch. Either way, let this be a warning to all. Your having a package for a home does NOT give you the right to do a home invasion while trying to meet the company's out of sight/weather requirements. This includes garages, back yards, sheds, unlocked cars, etc. The contract needs to be revised to state that we only have a ligitimate reason to be at the front door. If you know the people, fine, follow past practice and do as they ask. Otherwise, leave it on the front porch. Contract needs to state clearly that better driver release security is the homeowner's responsibility, not ours. Only they can provide the means and the authorization to use it.
    Just sayin...
  4. pomf

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    Why are you opening up door's like that? Just leave it on the porch or doorstop and ring the doorbell. What gives you the right to open someone's home door without their permission?

    Any UPS driver that, or delivery person for that matter, that does that to my home would be sued and prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. That's not a threat it's a promise and is about as real as it can get.

  5. rod

    rod retired and happy

    Cock-a-doodle-doo! - YouTube
  6. pomf

    pomf New Member

    Haha, Yep. That's mature all right. Your a tool.

    How exciting it is to see some sense of creativity of finding a Youtube video around here.

    Glad to see the intelligence of our UPS drivers is of the highest standards in the industry.

  7. I Am Jacks Damaged Box

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    And aside from speaking the obvious, your post prior to the one highlighted above contributed exactly what?

  8. rod

    rod retired and happy

    Its you're not your.
  9. rod

    rod retired and happy

    good video----I'll have to remember that one
  10. pomf

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    Thanks for the spelling correction. I'm glad you caught that. It makes me feel better that you know something about grammar.

    As far as, "What did my post contribute", well I speak as a customer and employee of UPS.

    Nothing gives you the right to open customer's home doors for any reason. Don't be stupid and think you're almighty because you're an overpaid worker who only gets the wages and benefits because of a union not because you earned it or even deserved it.

    I'm done here. Obviously you clowns can continue on, but I have real world business to do.

  11. rod

    rod retired and happy

    Apparently you didn't see in another thread on this subject that when I worked we were instructed to set the package inside if the door was unlocked. Thats the best "out of site out of the weather" solution there is. I guess UPS must have dropped that rule and now its drop (or throw) and run. By the way --- Its Mr. Douche Bag to you.
  12. NonyaBiznes

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    So this woman leaves the door "open?" Being the devil's advocate, there may be more to this story.