UPS driver accused of stealing $3,500 in gas

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    UPS driver accused of stealing $3,500 in gas - Republican American

    Police arrested a 43-year-old UPS driver Thursday on 50 larceny charges after he admitted to buying at least $3,500 in gasoline for his personal car with his work-issued fuel card.

    Pasqualino Mancini used the card at least 50 times without authorization.
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    Me thinks Pasqualino just threw his job away.

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    Well according to the comments from the article, he's paying his ex $600 a week. Looks like he won't be paying that any more.
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    You're lucky if you can get away with a paperclip yet this Einstein figures he can fill his personal car up 50+ times on the company card. Thats funny.
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    There is no way he is paying $600/week in child support.
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    this is not a surprise, who use to post "you can't fix stupid" lol

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    I've got 2 friends paying about that. 1 2400, another 2800. Ouch.
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    Where? NY starts at 17% for one child and 8% for each additional child with a maximum of 33%. I was paying $228/week for my 2 kids.

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    He should have just filled up at the Hub pumps like management does.