UPS driver arrested for peeping Tom incident.

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    [h=3]UPS driver accused of spying on bathing woman in San Carlos[/h]
    Posted: May 23, 2012 7:38 PM PDTUpdated: May 23, 2012 7:38 PM PDT
    SAN DIEGO (CNS) - A UPS deliveryman was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of sneaking into a customer's San Carlos home after dropping off a package and spying on her as she took a bath, authorities reported.
    Walter Flowers, 43, delivered a parcel to the woman, who is in her mid-20s, at her house in the6800 block of Tuxedo Road shortly before 1 p.m., according to San Diego police.
    About 20 minutes later, the resident was bathing and allegedly saw Flowers standing in a hallway outside the bathroom, watching her, SDPD public-affairs Lt. Andra Brown said. The intruder then fled, and the woman called the police, Brown said.
    Officers contacted Flowers' employers, who advised him to return to the alleged victim's home to be questioned. He did so and was arrested.
    Flowers was expected to be booked on suspicion of peeping, prowling and trespassing, all misdemeanors, the lieutenant said.
    The suspect allegedly got into the woman's home through an unlocked door, according to Brown.

    Hope this story stays their locally and not make its way thru the So Cal region and worst nationally. I'm embarrassed to suit up today.

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    Nope, made NYC radio this morning and man they were having fun with it
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    Again with the unlocked door..........when will people learn??? Damn dummies!!
  4. Scottyhawk

    Scottyhawk What is it? A brown box. Duh

    SAN DIEGO — A UPS delivery driver was arrested Wednesday after a woman found him in her hallway watching her bathe, San Diego police said.
    Walter Flowers, 43, was on his regular route when he dropped off a package at the woman’s house on Tuxedo Road in San Carlos shortly before 1 p.m., police said.
    The woman accepted the delivery from him.
    She was in the bathtub about 30 minutes later when her dog, which had been outside, came into the bathroom. Confused, she peered around the corner and saw Flowers watching her from the hallway, said police Lt. Andra Brown.
    The woman, who is in her 20s, chased him from the house, and he sped away in his delivery truck. He had reportedly entered the home through an unlocked back door, police said.
    He was contacted by his employer and returned to the home about an hour later, surrendering to police who were taking the report, Brown said.
    He was arrested on suspicion of peeping, prowling and trespassing — all misdemeanors.
    Man, talk about a walk of shame. You get nabbed peeping, so you get the eff outta Dodge… only to get a call from your boss saying, “Uh, Walter… did you just break into a house and watch a chick taking a bath?” “Um… yes? She was really hot. My bust.” “Right… well, that’s really bad and illegal… can you go back there? The cops are waiting there to arrest you, ok?” “Got it… I’ll cruise over. File this case in the ‘what the hell is wrong with people‘ folder.
    I’ve got a package, people.
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    "I'm on lunch right now. I'll head over in 20."
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    That's embarrassing...
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    I ve heard you can find pictures and videos of naked women on the internet for free if you really want to.

    I mean really.. is this guy 12 years old? Is it that big a deal to see some woman naked that you would risk your job and reputation over it?
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    Probably just trying to get the package out of sight, out of weather.
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    I'd be a little off center if I was named Walter Flowers.
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    About twenty years ago we had a simular situation in my Center. A woman called in a concern after she found a package outside he bathroom door when she got out of the shower. Our driver claimed he handed it to the next door neighbor who was out in the yard, he never got in trouble for it.
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    Can't wait for the general public to hear about this one:
    Customer: "Did you hear about the UPS driver in California who was a peeping tom?"
    Me: "Yes."
    C: "Have you ever done that?"
    M: "No."
    C: "Are you sure?"
    M: "Yes."
    C: "You wouldn't look at me when I'm naked, would you?"
    M: "No."
    C: "Why not???? Am I not pretty enough for you?"
    M: "GOD HELP ME!!!!!!"

    Thanks heaps Walter.
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    we had a customer call in and said one of our drivers opened her front door and was worried about him being a peeping tom. Best part of the whole ting is the guys name is actually Tom.
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    Okay, I didn't see that coming. That was funny
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    Bud, for short!
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    I wonder if "standing and watching" was really all that he was doing. Something tells me a little bit of "driver release" might have been happening at the same time.
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    On further review, after reading the label.
    Please ring bell or knock or come into the hallway and watch me bathe!
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    Ok, that one was really good.
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    On the flip side, and I don't condone this behavior while working but is it possible this guy may have been set up by said bather while making the delivery? "Hey cute UPS guy I was just about to take a bath why don't you come in and watch" Although not likely it could have happened and this knucklehead let his little head do the thinking for his big head. Just a thought. I'd have to believe this women will obviously sue UPS for emotional distress and get some cash.
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    I agree with the blame on the lady part.....she should've locked her door and it wouldn't have happened.