UPS driver delivers lost wallet to New York woman's home

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    UPS driver delivers lost wallet to New York woman's home - UPI

    A New York woman who lost her wallet during a trip to the store had the lost item returned with all of its contents intact by a UPS driver who went above and beyond the call of duty.

    Beth Cefalu of Eltingville, Staten Island, said she apparently lost her wallet while on her way to a store Thursday.

    Cefalu said she didn't cancel any of the cards inside the wallet in case it turned up somewhere inside her apartment.

    She said she was about to give up the search when a call from her boyfriend brought relief.
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    it's pretty bad that something like this is news . back in the day it was no big deal.
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    I imagine something like this is real big news in NY. It was probably the first wallet ever returned in the last 100 years.
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    Not true.

    Just the first wallet in NY returned with the money still in it.
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    Right! I've done it every time I found a lost wallet on my route.
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    In a 1993 went to flagstaff AZ after leaving grand Canyon my 16 year old sister forgot purse at a restaurant. 2 weeks later it was mailed to our house in Illinois with identification and all cash.