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    I recently applied for the position of Driver Helper with UPS. I went to the information session and interview following the information session. I'm just wondering, can anyone give me a heads-up on how many hours I will likely be getting a week when working in this position? I was not given a straight answer during the session.

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    Honestly, it probably won't be much.
    Monday, "sorry we don't need you"
    Tuesday, "meet driver X" Driver X is told to keep you 2 hours
    Wednesday, "meet driver Z in Bumruck" Driver z is told to keep you 2 hours but keeps you 3
    Thursday "meet driver X" driver x really doesn't need you so only keeps you 1 hour
    Friday "Sorry we don't need you"

    total 6 hours

    You will get more hours every week as we het closer to "holiday".
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    DTAHONDA New Member

    Damn you're negative!!!

    I started on November 1st in utah. (everywhere is different)

    The first 4 days i worked i worked 5-6 hrs each day. Totaled to 24hrs with orientation.
    Second week i worked 5-6 hr days also & one 10 & 1/2 hr day. Got 32 hrs that week
    This week its picking up (around 220-270 stops), and i worked 5-6 hrs and almost 7 some days.

    Dont listen to the guy above he seems like an ass.

    Ive been with the same driver now since the volume is picking up
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    I guess it depends on where your at but around here it is like kingofchester said. I am a driver and I try to keep my helper as long as I can or the helper wants but management always says other wise. The closer you get to peak the more hours youll get. If your driver likes you and thinks you do a good job sometimes he/she can request you. Then you can kinda set a meet time and place. At my center they have the helpers call every morning to see if they need them or not. Soooo probably if your first to call your first to work! Usually its after our air commits are off and then dropped off before pickups. Other times they use helpers after pickups say, 5:30ish.
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    I started working as a Driver Helper in the Northern Virginia area on November 1st. My first two weeks I got about 25 hours and this past week I got 30. A driver usually calls me in the morning and tells me when to meet him. We usually meet up at noon and get done around six. I split time between two drivers the first week, but have worked with just one driver the past two weeks and I think it's going to stay that way for now.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    What is your impression of the job thus far? Is it what you thought it would be? Is this something you would want to do (driver) for 30 years (or more)? Is your opinion of UPS drivers the same as it was before starting the job or has "walking the walk" changed that opinion?
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    I like the job thus far. However, the first week was pretty brutal. I expected it to be a physical job but I underestimated how much running/walking/stair climbing I'd be doing. My feet hurt, I kept getting random cuts and scrapes on my hands, and I was sore in muscles that I didn't even know existed. Plus I was never trained to use the board and it was a frustrating at times to learn it on the go. By the start of week two the pain subsided and I became confident with the board. Ever since then I've really enjoyed the job. People are always really friendly when they see me, and I kind of feel like a kid again when I'm running through yards to deliver packages.

    I could possibly see myself enjoying being a driver for 30 years. I've got it easy right now though. I can tell that there's a lot more stress involved with being a driver. Plus I can't even imagine what the job is like on a hot July day or during constant rain in April or in winter snowstorms. After "walking the walk" for just a few weeks I already have a lot more respect for the UPS Driver. Like most people I never thought about it much. I thought it was just some la di da drive a truck walk a package to the door job but now I see it's hard work. Also I'm pretty amazed by how much these guys know about their routes. They know every person's last name already (and usually first too). They know what time people are usually home, what kind of car they drive, how long it'll take them to answer the door, whether or not they have a dog, whether or not that dog is aggressive, specific places each person wants their packages delivered, and the list goes on. It's cool to see the relationships they've built with people in just the brief interactions they get with them every couple of days. Sometimes it seems more like the guys are old college buddies instead of UPS Driver and resident. Anyways I think I might be starting to ramble so I'll end it here.
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    Yes, everywhere is different, but 32-hour DH weeks in early November -- let alone a 10.5 hour day -- are not typical.

    A typical DH can expect to work 3-6 hours per day, swelling to 8 hours by Christmas.

    UPS's own PR department pegs the typical helper's earnings as $800-$1200 per season (in areas that pay $8.50 per hour).
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    No, about the same.
    For me to really "walk the walk" then I'd have more certainty than when I start work, how long I work no later than the night before and absurdly high pay that is not set by supply and demand, but by artificially imposed price floor fix by the union.

    It is very clear that the shield isn't the competitive advantage from skill sets held by existing employees when drivers find efficacy gain brought about by helpers who are willing and able to work at or near minimum wage as a threat of substitution and that the solution is to initiate a union grievance to further inhibit free competitive market.
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    You appear to have a firm grasp of how a union shop works.
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    This is tieguy right?
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    I think their name is Chip.

    Chip O Shoulder.