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    I was wondering what the pay rate for a driver just highered off the street as a FULL TIME driver is. Please let me know if you know. Thank you.
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    good luck
  3. atatbl

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    9.57 here. Although I think some are making like 9.70 for some reason.
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    What is starting ground rate? Is is going up with the new contract? And how long does it take to get through progression.
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    that's for the really tall new hires.... I hear they can hold more packages when their arms are longer
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    In most places it is minimum wage plus tips , you need to be really friendly...
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    C'mon. He's asking a serious question here, don't be mean. I am pretty sure about $9-10 is what you will be seeing in most parts of the nation.
  8. tourists24

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    you're right... but for some reason I have a peeve about anonymous posting.
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    I was making $20 as a pt supe then $12.66 as an off the street hire in 1996.
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    Section 2. Full-time Wage Progression
    c. The progression for employees entering a package car driving, feeder, or other full-time job (other than an air driver or a job covered by Section 3 below) position after August 1, 2008 shall be as follows:
    Start: $16.10
    Seniority: $17.25
    Twelve (12) months: $18.45
    Twenty-four (24) months: $20.75
    Thirty-six (36) months: Top Rate
    [Current Top Rate is $28. 49 in New England]
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    or an anonymous poster that asks a question that's asked about twice a week. A simple search or just scrolling back a page or 2 would yield the answer.

    Stupid questions demand stupid answers.

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    DON'T FEED THE TROLLS:peaceful:
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    I have to 2nd that.

    I'll post what I know. I started at $13.94 in 1999 which was 70% of top rate from the '97 contact in which top-rate was $19.91. I was under a 2-year progression that eventually paid me $22.75 per hour after 24 months.

    This was 2 contacts ago. Waiting for top-rate went from 24, to 30, and now I think its at 36 months!

    This really stinks. However there is an upside to this. So you start around 16 bucks now. This really isn't a bad wage but you may think so compared to what everyone else is earning and its killing you because you must now wait 3 years to recieve top-rate.

    Ok, but here is where I think you will be happy! You will go from making around $16-18 per hour (and in the mean time your are getting by on this wage) to start and 3 short years later will be making $33+ per hour!
    That is a HUGE increase.

    At straight time that is like a $500 a week raise! That is more that most people make at their full-time jobs for goodness sake! For these numbers to work you would have to make seniority in 2011 and top-rate in 2014.

    Even if you started today, you would start driving in the $15-18 an hour range (can someone please post the starting raise for full-time drivers today?) and then make over $30 per hour 3 years later!

    I think this is really great. I understand the 3-year progression stinks, but the reward at the end is worth the wait in my opinion!

    Let's just think about it by itself. This is a tremendously great thing about working at UPS! The driver will work for $18 to start (just guessing as I don't know exactly what the wage is) and he can make a living on this.

    Things will get really good for him in less than 3 years when he progresses to top-rate which will be around $33 per hour at the end of the contract.

    Its like a huge windfall for the UPS driver and its really great. I went from around $18 to 22.75 and thought it was great. Today, these drivers are jumping up 8-12 bucks in 3 years which blows my mind!!!

    Think about it? You are surviving on $19/hour and 3 short years later you are now making $33/hour. Life became very comfortable, very fast, in my opinion:happy2:.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    To add to that, I always encourage drivers on progression to max out their 401K or whatever retirement vehicle they may have when they reach top rate because, as brownie stated, you are used to making x amount per hour and then suddenly go to almost 2X and it can be very tempting to enhance your lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with and, by all means, you should definitely enjoy the fruits of your labor, but you should also save for your future.
  15. Johney

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    Very good advice and all you young guys should listen to this. Most(not all) drivers starting out are young and aren't married yet so like NYUPSer says, sock away as much as you can when you hit that top rate because before you know it here come's the married life,mortgage & babies and the money doesn't seem to go as far.
  16. browniehound

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    Johney and Upstate are talking about good stuff here. Johney makes a good point about the youth of many of our drivers before they make top-rate. This fact alone will make it even easier for them to max out the 401k once they hit top-rate.

    Think about this scenario. You start at UPS at age 17 with no college education part time. Maybe you go to the local community college, to keep your options open, but are working PT at UPS and picking up the extra shift when the the opportunity is there and during peak. You are putting $10 a week into the discounted employee stock purchasing program. You are also putting 10% of your earnings into the 401k.

    Your family can't afford to send you to college, but will allow you to stay with them after you graduate high school. So now your goal is to become a full-time driver. Now, you become a full-time driver at age 21 and the last 4 years you have been contributing to both funds.

    Now, you make top-rate at 24 and mom still lets you live at home because you are ugly:funny: and are not married and there is no hope of you becoming married in the next decade:sick:.

    That OK because it allows you to contribute the max into you 401k at age 24 (this alone will make you a millionare by age 50) and now you are buying $100 worth of UPS stock every week at a 10% discount.

    Yes, you missed out on the college experience and education. You also missed out on having a wife and kids.

    The flip side of all of this is you always have MONEY. You go on vacation with your friends to Vegas, Florida, California, or the Carribean Islands 2-3 times per year.

    Your choice to become a UPS driver and stay single was a smart one. Everyone else you know who got married and are UPS drivers (or UPS management) are now divorced and never see their kids because the job demands you to be there 9-11 hours per day. Their wives are taking 40% of their paycheck leaving you $400 per week to pay for an apartment, car, gas, etc.:angry:.

    You, on the other hand are rolling in the dough. By starting out at 17 and buying stock at a 10% discount and maxing out the 401k at age 24 (est. $15,000 per year), by age 59.5 you will have many millions of dollars:greedy:.

    Now, if the teamster pension plan is still there (you won't even need this if you did the above) and you can still collect social security at age 62 you will be able to use $20 bills as toilet paper!

    My post was meant to illustrate that a 17 year-old can start work at UPS with no education and be a millionare 25 years later if he is disciplined and smart with his money. And for this reason, UPS is a fabulous place to work for!

    Leave out the pension and SS. Just disciplined investing in the discounted stock program and 401k plan will get you where you need to be. Add the pension plan and SS and you will be filthy rich!!!!!!:greedy:

    Can you argue this logic? I always knew women were trouble:sick:
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    lol. You really missed the point of that message you "seconded." He meant not to respond at all to questions like these. Then you gave a 15 paragraph serious answer, AFTER agreeing with him.

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    i always thought you had to do your part-time first. i was making just a few cents for of $30 per hr for 40 hrs then another 15+hrs of overtime at time and 1/2