UPS driver stops on side of road to pay respect to fallen police officer


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UPS Driver Stops on Side of Road to Pay Respect to Fallen Police Officer - Tribunist

Funerals for law enforcement officers are all-too-easy to spot. There are often long lines of slow moving police cars rolling past. Some see them as a headache. Not this UPS driver. When this man saw the funeral procession of Captain Paul Phillips, he pulled his truck over to the side of the road and stood attentively while the procession passed.

Now the man’s gesture is going viral. In 2018, this is an increasingly rare sight. Yet the unidentified driver did what he thought was right.

“As the procession for Captain Paul Phillips was making its way through Bartlett, [Tennessee],” Fox writes, “it passed a UPS truck on the side of the road. The driver, who has not been identified, stood beside his vehicle in a solemn stance with his arms behind his back.”


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If he didn't punch a break and/or get the media attention it's received - HELL YES!! He would be in the office for a short talk, AT MINIMUM!!
If he's lucky, "I understand you have certain beliefs. I respect your beliefs but you have to understand, that's on your time, not the company's."
Worse case scenario. He's on the "we don't like him" list.
The company's "Stealing Time" giant umbrella gets used and he gets fired.
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