UPS Drivers Describe Unsafe Culture of Fear

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    UPS Drivers Describe Unsafe Culture of Fear - Courthouse News Service

    Dozens of United Parcel Service truck drivers claim in court that UPS endangers the public and employees by forcing them to drive unsafe trucks with hazardous materials, in a corporate culture of harassment, intimidation and safety shortcuts.

    Robert Amaya Sr. and 33 other employees asked the Superior Court for protections and damages for 19 causes of action, including harassment, privacy invasion, wrongful firing, Labor Code violations, retaliation and other charges.

    Safety issues are the most pervasive claims in the April 19 lawsuit.
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    Safety always is top priority to UPS management...until it affects numbers.

    Back in the day when i was on the safety committee there was a quote from district on an issue. to paraphrase, "if we did it here, we would have to do it everywhere. Request denied."
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    I was in the yard shifting in a mule one night and the dispatcher told me there was an overflow that had to go north of town. He told me it was a hot load. He threw me the keys to a tractor and told me I had to leave NOW. Don't even pre-trip. When I got to the meet point about 150 miles later, there were several other drivers from my building that were already waiting there. One of the guys saw my tractor and asked me if they had fixed the flat. He said he had turned the tractor down because he caught the flat tire on his pretrip. He told the dispatcher, and the dispatcher gave him a different tractor to drive. The SAME dispatcher that gave me the tractor, knowing it had a flat dual tire, and specifically telling me NOT to pretrip it. He endangered my life and the lives of anyone on the road just to move a hot load. Yeah, I should have done a pretrip, but didn't. Lesson learned.
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    Every load is a hot load until it is outbounded.
    Once it's off property they don't care.
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  5. rickyb

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    private profits, social costs

    stop allowing a small minority of people to make all the decisions.

    if workers made the decisions at their own jobs, would they do this to themselves? less likely.

    capitalism is the problem.
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    Especially when you cross into another feeder district territory could get into an accident and have the rig and trailers catch fire and your home dispatch couldn't give a is now the destination hub and feeder dept problem