UPS drivers recognized for service, safety

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    UPS drivers recognized for service, safety - Daily News

    The drivers, William Mead of Perry and Timothy Suttell of Batavia have 27 and 25 years of accident-free delivery, respectively.

    “Safe driving is paramount to UPS, and the honors bestowed upon Bill and Tim were celebrated by the entire work force,” said Jim Gallivan, business manager of Batavia UPS.

    Gallivan was joined by Buffalo Division manager Kurt Marx, Mead’s wife Chris and son Alex and Suttell’s wife Paula at the awards ceremony.
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    Wow I bet they remember Irv Weinstein from channel 7 news.I sure do...upstate?
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    We just had a driver do 27 years of safe driving. One that retired with 32 and another with 29. You know what they got? A piece of paper.

    I could go on a rant I will.

    Do the powers the be understand just what kind of commitment to safety these drivers that achieve 25+ years of safe driving have made to UPS and themselves? How are these drivers rewarded? Someone should re-think the current status of the safe driving program and give these drivers their due.
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    Unfortunately the UPS HR monitors were reading all the posts on BC about 5 years ago and everyone on here said the awards did not mean anything and all they got were crappy gifts.

    The rest is history.
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    I've always appreciated the fine steak knives and binoculars that I've accumulated throughout the years....the "decent" gifts for peak achievement years usually broke within a year of the arrival