UPS drone makes first home prescription deliveries for CVS

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    UPS drone makes first home prescription deliveries for CVS - Reuters

    United Parcel Service Inc (UPS.N) Flight Forward drones have flown prescription medications to the front lawn of a private home and to a retirement center, the UPS unit’s first revenue-generating deliveries for drugstore chain CVS Health Corp (CVS.N).

    Flight Forward’s maiden delivery flight on Friday in Cary, North Carolina, beat rivals in one phase of the race for the nascent market. The second drone flight delivered medications to a public space at a retirement community.

    The packages, roughly the size of small shoeboxes, were lowered from drones hovering at an altitude of about 20 feet.
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    My God this stuff is just comical .
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    What could possibly go wrong?
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    Someone's prescription medication going to the wrong person?
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    Did the drone verify ID? Get a signature?
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    The drone takes a stool sample for verification.
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    No question you’ll be transferring your prescriptions to CVS now.
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    Free drugs available--grab your shotgun.