UPS dropped the ball

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    UPS dropped the ball

    Do you want to know what company totally dropped the ball during last week's blizzard? UPS! I tracked a package that arrived at their Commerce City facility on Dec. 20 at 11 a.m. That package did not move for six days. There is a notice on their Web site that says they had extra workers and extra shifts to ensure that all packages went out in a timely manner. What a lie!

    While FedEx and the Postal Service were out delivering packages on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and, yes, even Christmas Day, the UPS employees were apparently sitting back with their feet up drinking egg nog! Why am I so upset about a delayed package? It was a gift for my 6-year-old daughter from Santa.

    N. Geiger
  2. Anon

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    Here we go again.
  3. loserupser

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    we cannot control the weather, next time order in a timely fashion, and you wont run into this situation again.
  4. ups79

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    If it was from santa, why was UPS delivering it? Don't you have a chimney?
  5. dragracer66

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    Boo/Hoo do you think you were the only one who had a package missed? If it could have been delivered it would have been! Get over it!!!
  6. jlphotog

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    Hey, N. Geiger, PLEASE EXCUSE those UPS employees for wanting to spend Xmas with their families the same as you did.

    What a tool.
  7. DS

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    I think you have a good reason to complain since the package was scanned on the 20th and if what they say is true they are delivering
    things in order of when they were picked up.The amount of snow was overwhelming and they are still getting more.So dont blame ups blame
    PS since when does Santa send things ups?
  8. ExupserNaples

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    To Blizzard 1, Obviously you dont know anyone that has ever worked for UPS. To compare them to FEDEX or USPS is a joke. I beg you to apply or have a family member apply for UPS and if you get hired see how long your sorry ass lasts. What about Jan. 2 when the loser postal service has off to mourn old Gerald. The ONLY Pres. that was never elected Vice or President. Next year get off your ass and go to the mall. By the way these comments were made by a 17 year driver.
  9. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    No reason to be rude to the customer and reinforce an already negative image.

    That being said, there is NO WAY the USPS or FedEx were working while we were not. I'm sorry that your package didn't arrrive in time for Christmas but I promise you that the people at UPS did the best they could under trying times. We can't control the weather.

    We had a similar situation here a couple of years ago. Big snow storm the week of Christmas. Man, that was tough. I got my center manager to meet me in his 4X4 when I finished my businesses and we ran all the rural stuff out of his truck. God, what a long day that was.
  10. RockyRogue

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    LISTEN, FOLKS, LEMME TELL YOU: DENVER DRIVERS AND HELPERS ARE BUSTING :censored2: TO GET THIS backlog cleared!!!!!!:hammer: :2guns: :2guns: :cursing: :cursing: I've been out 10 hours just about every day this week, delivering stuff, desperately trying to get caught up. Package car operations are running hot and heavy. Drivers are frustrated and getting :censored2:. And listen, to all those that B***H and MOAN about the USPS AND FedEx being out...I've had several customers tell me they have NOT seen FedEx trucks at all!!! I asked a customer the last time they'd seen a FedEx truck and they thought it was last Wednesday, when the snow hit. They didn't see one again until Tuesday or Wednesday. That may mean they haven't made it to a given neighborhood but I doubt it since I didn't seen them either and I'm all over the place!!!! N. Geiger and Company...I had a package shipped FedEx Ground from CHICAGO on Monday, December 18th. It was SUPPOSED to be here on THURSDAY, December 21st. I got it last nite!!!! Lay off Denver. We're doing every d**n thing we can and then some. DS and company, thanks for the defense. :thumbup1:
  11. hoser

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    Whine whine whine. "My 6 year old's christmas was ruined because of UPS sitting back and doing nothing while there was 4 feet of snow on the ground. I want vengance, I hate UPS and I hate hwo they ruined my life"

    You suck. Enough said.

    Can we please stop allowing posts and threats to be created from anonymous suburbanite trolls?

    There's plenty of reason. There's running a good company and having good customer relations, and then there's reason. The customer is not always right.
  12. speeddemon

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    Your an ignorant idiot. Thanks for confirming it.
  13. Ms Spoken

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    Dear Blizzard 1 ,
    Please make sure you have your driveway all cleaned off of snow and ice. I sure would hate to see the UPS driver fall on your property while your sitting at home all snowed in. I feel for your 6 yr old not getting her gift from Santa but, just tell her that Santa forgot one and he needed UPS to deliver it. Now if this was your daughters medicine or some type of medical emergency then I would have some sympathy for you because there are people in your area who are waiting just for that. SORRY BUT GET OVER IT !!!!! UPS can not control the weather.
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    All I heard from N Geiger was, "WAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"
  15. mrbill

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    I can tell you for the 20 years that I have have been a driver,UPS would be the only people out there working in those conditions.That is the way the company is. Packages first, employees last:confused:1
  16. sendagain

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    I've watched Fedex drivers leave packages for business suites at the doors of companies who were closed for a week. I've also seen the mail carrier leave packages down in the lobby, rather than take the time to deliver to the actual suite. The packages ended up being taken upstairs by building security. You never saw any of that shoddy crap when a package was in my hands.
  17. tireknocker

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    Sunny and 58 degrees in Kansas City!!!!!!!

    Winter in the Rockies and lots of Snow who would of Thunk it!!!!
  18. reydluap

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    I feel for you RockyRogue.

    Many of us "old timers" have gone way past our job classifications to provide "SERVICE" to our customers. In 1991, here in Iowa, we had a snow storm hit us the week of Christmas. I was delivering out of a rental for peek. I said the heck with that and used my brand new 1992 Ford 4X4 pickup with a topper to deliver for the week. UPS paid me mileage and what ever the daily rental fee for renting the useless van. I even delivered the sixth day that peek (Saturday) to get things cleaned up.

    I'm not any better than any one else on this sight or with our company. I'm just trying to show the customer here that we UPS drivers do try everything in our power to get the packages delivered and don't ask for any thing in return. So many things that we UPS drivers do don't get recognized by any one. We just do it.

  19. Coldworld

    Coldworld Ringleader of this sht show... very true. Thats the reason why most of our customers will never leave us, regardless of cheaper prices by competition. Hmmm, we are more expensive to some shippers, and they stay with ups. Its because of the service...period! Service is going above and beyond, just incase some of you fedex crackheads want to take a few notes.:censored2: :censored2:
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    all ya'll speak this language? I dont see one English word in this post