UPS Efforts To Influence The FAA Bill?

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    It's well known that UPS has been putting forth a lot of effort and money to have Fred Smith's "sweetheart" exemption eliminated when and if the new FAA Appropriations Bill gets passed. In short, Smith has spent a lot of money over the years to keep FedEx Express classified as an RLA "airline", effectively eliminating any chance of unionizing and giving FedEx a competitive advantage. As we all know, both UPS and FedEx are systems integrators who own a number of similar companies providing identical services. How come one is RLA, while the other is NLRB? It doesn't add-up.

    Does anyone on this forum have any knowledge that the UPS effort is succeeding? I've contacted all of my local Democratic politicians, and have not had any satisfactory responses. It's as if most of them know little to nothing about the situation.
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    Takes time and infuence! We're on the downside in influence it appears.

    For one thing, McCain - the Arizona senator who's one of a handful of contenders for the GOP's 2008 nomination - has enjoyed a long friendship with FedEx founder and CEO Frederick W. Smith. McCain's presidential exploratory committee was co-chaired by none other than Smith, a Vietnam veteran like McCain.

    FedEx Lobbyists Get Smith Everything He Wants from McCain
    McCain Led the Floor Fight for Republicans for Provision that Benefited FedEx; McCain Received $6,000 from FedEx PAC. According to Roll Call, "Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss) absolutely, positively wanted the Senate to adjourn last Monday. But Lott couldn't deliver on his promise because of a battle over a provision to the Federal Aviation Administration bill that benefited Federal Express. Leave it to the world’s oldest deliberative body to spend three days debating the definition of ‘express carrier.' ... Shuster led the fight on the House floor to keep the FedEx provision in the bill. In addition, Shuster is one of a handful of lawmakers who has received at least $10,000 in contributions from FedEx's PAC in this election cycle. ... Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz), who led the floor fight for Republicans, raked in $6,000."
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    Excellent information....THANK YOU!!