UPS employees charged with stealing jewelry


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UPS employees charged with stealing jewelry - National Jeweler Network

Four United Parcel Service (UPS) employees have been accused of stealing more than $200,000 worth of jewelry from packages sent to jewelry stores in Rock Mount, N.C.


I know all carriers get taken advantage of this way but it seems UPS has had several high profile cases lately involving drugs and theft. I belive it reflects our society in general this lack of honesty. I hope those thieves have the full weight of law on them. These cases causes me to think what UPS expects from their starting wages? It would seem logical that UPS would attract better quality employees with higher pay but you can't buy trustworthiness. The parade of UPS hopefuls that show up for a tour of our UPS facility look more like a police line up than our next generation leaders of the company. I know UPS can and does hire college grads to enter mid level in this company but that is part of the problem. Some of the best management I've worked with were promoted from with in and from the bottom. They know where we've been and can jump in any part of an operation and provide true experience not Logistics 101 learned in some book. What I'm saying is that UPS used to be a good alternative to college bound young people to earn and learn and possibly make UPS a career, now its a dumping ground for all the misfits from the state's Employment Development Department. Everyone needs a chance to show they can rise above their social and economic environments with a job, I know I did, but sadly these days it seems UPS is getting what it pays for.