UPS employees taking a piece of company history home

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    If you ask me, this was a cheesy gift...we got little package cars on a pedastal for the last big anniversary. I mean come on, we are a 100 years old. The plane they scrapped was only half that so that was a pointless gift. We sat aroung playing toss it in the hat at lunch this afternoon. They should have gotten everyone a brown pullover with the logo and inscribed 1907-2007 celebrating 100 years. we could at least wear that to work and it would be something for the public...especially our customers. Now when customers ask us what they did for the 100th birthday all we can say is we got some cake and a piece of scrap metal. What kind of image does that show to our customers. UPS dropped the ball again with this one
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    I am sad to see the bars already for sale on ebay :confused:1
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    I did not take mine.

    Like any other gift (i.e. safety award certificate) I returned it to them and said 'no thank you'
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    we never got ours...they said they had somthing but didnt come through..yet another lie...who cares..
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    YOU GOT CAKE????

    Screwed again. Just a hunk of metal.:lol:
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    i didn't get :censored2: from management for the 100th anniversary.. they RTO'd me then they handed them out during break. i asked about it the following day, and they only had to say "we handed them out yesterday. it's not our fault you went home early." *burn*.. i don't like how they treat me
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