UPS European Flights disrupted by volcano

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  4. German airspace has been re-opened by the Federal Government on a basis of special permits. Lufthansa, Air Berlin, smaller scheduled airlines as well as air cargo carriers have started up their operations. Cologne airport as such is open. See also Other air spaces (France etc.) are also open, so trans-atlantic traffic can resume (and has been resumed). From another forum I got the info that cargo for up to 11 MD-11F has been stacked in Cologne.
    Madrid is connect by major highways to France and further North. High-speed rail connections (Talgo express) are available up into Geneva and Zuerich. The French Postal service even has its own TGV high-speed night trains.
    See also another article,1518,534978,00.html
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    Can't they go the other way?
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    I thought I was the only one who thought of that. Sure, they may have to stop for gas a couple of times, but...