UPS expanding on Florida Gulf Coast

Wow that's hilarious. 60 miles up the road, the Pt Charlotte building gets destroyed by Hurricane Charley and gets permanently replaced by a vacant lot covered with gravel, a couple mdc's and mobile homes (to be the center offices).

The Ft Myers building is another story in itself. The building is so old, the center complex was made from wood instead of concrete block. The upstairs floors are far from level and creak when you walk. It's been infested with termites for years and my guess is the city finally declared it unsafe, otherwise, UPS would probably continue to band-aid it and keep using it.


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Sounds like UPS up north too. The center I used to work out of had a MDC that was rotting away and needed a new roof too. In 2004 they were definitely going to put a new bigger roof on it. The new trusses, decking, shingles & labor might have cost $20,00 at the most. The new roof as of last month still has not been put on. That $20,000 roof in 2004 most likely will cost $30,000 in 2008 with the increase in prices of everything.


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i wonder what the chances of them building a bigger on in jacksonville due to the growth down here especially oak leaf jcp and all of st johns county