UPS Expands Two Houston-Area Buildings

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    Extra package processing capacity combined with added pickup and delivery services will address volume growth.

    UPS® (NYSE: UPS) today announced expansion projects for two Houston-area distribution centers. UPS's Mykawa and Conroe facilities will increase delivery capabilities to address anticipated customer needs connected with peak holiday shipping demand.

    "Demand for UPS services in the Houston-area continues to increase," said Craig Wiltz, president of the Red River District which is comprised of Texas and Oklahoma. "Expanding the distribution capabilities of these buildings is one way that we are continuously keeping pace with the growth of our customers' businesses."

    The Mykawa facility will be modified to dispatch approximately 30 percent more delivery vehicles by adding infrastructure to facilitate loading and unloading of packages. UPS drivers in Mykawa primarily service customers in Harris County.

    In Conroe, the building will be similarly modified to dispatch over 40 percent more delivery vehicles. The Conroe facility primarily serves UPS customers in Montgomery County.

    In addition to permanent facility modifications, both facilities will be equipped with mobile delivery centers to temporarily increase sorting and dispatch capacity. These modular structures feature the capabilities of a traditional sorting and loading operation, without long term brick-and-mortar facility expansion.

    "These "pop up" delivery centers are a clever capacity expansion solution and are constructed in a matter of weeks," Wiltz explained. "They provide UPS flexibility to temporarily expand delivery operations to address the holiday volume surge."

    The modifications in Mykawa and Conroe are expected to be ready in time for the holiday season. UPS expects to hire more than 100 temporary employees to support peak season needs at both facilities. More than 4,000 UPS employees service the Houston area from eight distribution locations.
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    As a feeder driver, I've been to both of these buildings. I went to the Mykawa building every night for about 10 years. They leased the very end of an industrial office park, and the rumor was the owner of the office park only charged ups a very small amount just to keep somebody in the building around the clock.(It is in a rough part of town. I used to hear shots on a weekly basis) They couldn't expand there for many years (almost 40 years) as other tenants moved out of the office park, UPS took over their space. Finally I heard that they bought the whole office park. The last 2 or 3 peaks, they have moved about 40 jobs to extended centers, some 20+ miles away, because they couldn't expand. Maybe those jobs will come back to that building now, and the drivers who followed their jobs can cut back down on their commute. The Conroe building was carved out of a wooded area on a very dark, badly lit road. You had to build sets on the road because there wasn't any room on the yard. I'd be interested to see how they enlarged up there. Must have bought up some more property.
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    I'm at the mykawa hub....

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    I wish you the best over there. I can't say as I miss going over there and putting in your lineup at 1am. It was scary sometimes.
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    I know another building that needs some expanding. OURS.
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    Seriously you where scared to go to mykawa..... SOUTH PARK ISNT THAT BAD BRO

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    I remember being a T.A.W working nights I use to take walks back in the high pick to kill time with one hand on my wallet
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    I saw a guy run thru the back gate on foot and hide in the building with the police right behind him. a murder suspect. I heard shots all the time. There was a guard on the back gate where we took trailers inside to put on the doors, but he was inside his car, asleep more than likely.