UPS Franchisees Charge Policies Force Them to Distribute Pornography

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    UPS Franchisees Charge Shipper Policies Force Them to Distribute Pornographic Materials - Yahoo

    Franchisees of United Parcel Services today charged that UPS policies force them to take part in the distribution of pornographic materials, despite potential harm such products might pose for children and possible violation of state and local laws.
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    As a driver, we have been leaving "adult appliances and training videos":ohmy: at homeowner's doors ever since I can remember. We don't know what is in these parcels, the people who order them do. If they are in violation of state or local obscenity laws, the shipper, not the carrier, would be held accountable for that. At least that is the way I have always understood this situation.
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    Is that what was in that pkg. I delivered that had that funny buzzing sound in it??????:crying:
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    1) If franchisees don't like it, they should drop the branding and go independent. UPS obviously allows such deliveries to occur because they see no legal risk.
    2) Judgements on obscenity should be based on its content, not hypothetical risk or 'family values'
    3) What happened to the "ADULT SIGNATURE OVER 19 REQUIRED" labels or service? I see them for the dumbest crap, like deliveries of cellphones to bestbuy, etc.
    4) Although the PSA guy seems really irrational, his compromise seems reasonable: "UPS to provide franchisees posters listing the names of such shippers, with additional information on the types of products they are shipping via the UPS system", but such a document would be leaked to in under an hour and these clients would go to FedEx ground instead.
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    Wakey wakey teamsters union members. Any policy that promotes reducing FT driver jobs by promoting fewer local drop-off or pick-up locations (i.e.: The UPS Store via ADL and private mailboxes, and the ARS program) is bad for you. Don't take the porn out on the Ma & Pa's. Look at the big picture. They have the same agenda