UPS Franchisees to Demonstrate Outside Annual Shareholders Meeting

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    UPS Franchisees to Demonstrate Outside Annual Shareholders Meeting In Wilmington According to Platinum Shield Association - Yahoo

    Echoing Wightman's concerns over UPS' treatment of its franchisees are members of three other franchisee organizations, the Brown Shield Association, IAMCO and the Brown Board Owner's Association, whose members will also appear at the UPS shareholder meeting in Wilmington.
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    Is this just press hype, or is there really something to this? (I generally do not believe the media anymore.) Are we talking a large percentage or what? I don't mean to blow anyone off, but with over 4000 franchises, you're bound to encounter some people who just aren't happy unless they're complaining. What's the mid-point that represents the real emotionless truth?
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    Not sure why you don't believe the media,usually they are just telling it like it is.If you took the time to do a simple google search you`d find your emotionless's one to start:
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    Yep, the mainstream media is totally believable. It isn't swayed left or right. They want me to have the cold hard unbiased facts.:lol: :lol: :lol: That's why i get my news from The Onion.
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    I'm sorry. But do you really believe the media is "...telling it like it is"? I have done my research, thank you very much. That's why I came to the conclusion that the media can't be believed. I guess I am just too capable of detecting the rhetoric games they play.

    BTW, my research has revealed that over 80% of the media are registered Democrat. Regardless of which side of the political fence you fall, that says BIAS to me...

    That's why I want to know the truth. I was hoping it might come out here. Thanks for the reference, but I was more interested in firsthand information.
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    annual shareholders meeting + protest outside that meeting = very normal.

    look at airlines and oil companies.

    You obviously didn't read into his sarcasm. Your reply, however, reinforces the sarcasm from manback. I love talking to my liberal friends in canaduh tell me that they seriously think the media (both in the USA and .CA) is conservative. I then ask them the last time a conservative film maker had his documentary shown on the CBC, NPR, or PBS and the last time the same type of film maker won an award for it. That shuts them up.
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    Thanks for setting me straight, Hoser. I must admit that I (duh) didn't pick up on the sarcasm.
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    Who says DS was being sarcastic? He really believes that!:ohmy: