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    Has anyone seen this DVD being distributed by UPS to the Freight employees encouraging them to stay un-organized? I was hoping to get a look at it. Seems to have Hoffas panties in a wad.
    Hoffas letter to Eskew
  2. Hoffa has already talked to Eskew concerning Overnite. He did it on the day the acquisition was announced.

    Eskew told him Overnite was OFF THE TABLE and that UPS would actively oppose any efforts Teamsters make to organize them.

    No free ride, IOW. Bankrupt yourself trying.

    Now Hoffa tries to convince the goo-goos that something new is going on.

    Nothing new is going on. Everything is going as expected and exactly as Hoffa was told it'd go.

    Nice to see Eskew grow some grapes and stick to his guns.
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    That is some interesting reading. Thanks for posting it, BUG. Still surprises me the stuff that comes outta the machine. Without having seen the DVD, it was definitely not good form for UPS to antagonize Teamsters. Just makes for bad blood, as though there isnt enough already.

    In my opinion, it also appears that Eskew is acknowledging that Teamsters isn't the only show in town.....

    But then I'm probably justs reading too much into it. :cool:
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    "or any other union"

    Excellent opportunity for APWA to get a foot in the door.
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    Wonder if the two head guys at Freight will get chewed out since Eskew is claiming he didn't authorize it.
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    Now wouldn't that be interesting! It is a perfect opportunity for those guys to be sure.

    Hate to be conspiratorial but is Mike just using these 2 Overnite fellas as cover? Nothing to prove it in any way but it's not out of the question IMO either!

    c ya!
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    "Hate to be conspiratorial but is Mike just using these 2 Overnite fellas as cover? Nothing to prove it in any way but it's not out of the question IMO either!"

    Actually, Mikey had the IE folks study the DVD. He believes the run time can be cut by 3 minutes 42 seconds. Doing so will save the company several thousand dollars.
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    :lol: :lol:
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    "..can be cut by 3 minutes 42 seconds"

    LOL !!!!!!
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    :lol: :lol:
    That should put shares up by oh.....2/100 of a point?
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    And FDX's up $5.
  13. The DvD was a surprise for me, it seems foolish to send an anti-union DvD to a company that has 22-1 ratio, union vs non-union work force. Suggs and Hoffa hate each other, and I think it is safe to say that the upper managers of UPS freight will soon be replaced by UPS men. UPS is not going to piss of its bread and butter work-force for the sake of a new asset that is only 4.3% of the entire companys bottom line. Ups spent more money on 4 new transport aircraft than the whole cost of UPS Freight. UPS Freight is a chip in the poker game. Mike Eskew said that if freight employees want to join a union then he would work for an honest productive end.That is better than anything that Suggs ever gave his teamster employees.
  14. I have seen the dvd, and I believe it is the old managment firing its last bitter pill at the teamsters, before UPS takes the whole place over.Mike Eskew said he would treat freight employees with fairness and honesty if they choose to join a union. That is more than Suggs ever did for his teamster employee's. I guess we will see if the Richmond based managers really sent this dvd without the UPS seal of approval. I was a radical thing to do, and may cause some early retirements.
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    Thanks for posting here, I wonder what goes on with the former Overnite folks. I believe that you will go through a lot of changes, I hope that in the long run it will be for the better. Fedex just announced that they are going to buy Watkins, so they are looking to increase profits in the LTL market. I think that the Teamsters will have a hard time with organizing you in regard to their pension problems. I deliver to a UPS Cartage facility, (formally Menlo), and they seem glad to be part of the UPS family and they did vote the Teamsters in. I wish all of you the best of luck.:clap:
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    I too have seen the video. It's pretty hilarious if you ask me. I wouldn't worry to much about it. It just says that the Union is evil and that were a bunch of knuckle dragging oagers. According to UPS if you stay Union free you will go to heaven and have 20 virgins waiting for you.
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    I don't post much but WTF???? This guy is getting the ignore button from me.
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    Oh man, not the ignore button from downtown!!
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    Thanks spelling nazi!! Oh, I meant to say "thanks spelling nazi, dude!!"