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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by ronroper, May 30, 2012.

  1. ronroper

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    I am a Local Cartage Steward on the Freight side and have been having some issues with our T.M.
    He has refused to purchase any cleaning supplies for our tractors, so several of us have purchased Windex, He searched our Trucks and said we will be written up if He finds any kind of chemicals in them again.
    I spoke to him about it and he claims that it is Company policy "NOT To Have Any kind of Chemicals In The Equipment or on property" I pointed out to him that "cleaning mirrors and windows are part of the pretrip and we have to have a way to clean them"!
    His reply "We Have Paper Towels and Water", I have taken this to our B.A. without much luck.
    What is policy and does anyone have any suggestions?
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    File a grievance under the article for safety. I don't know what article it is in your contract. In cases where a manager is being unreasonable the grievance procedure is a good option.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Why don't you keep the cleaning supplies in an area away from the tractors?
  4. diadman

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    We have the same problem in package... We spit on mirror and use there towel.
  5. ronroper

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    Management does not allow any cleaning supplies on the property....He claims this is UPS policy?
    I remember about a year ago there was a pcm about pretrip inspections, it said something about cleaning windows and mirrors but I dont have a copy of this.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It is not UPS policy but if he is that much of a dick just leave them in your locker or car. Part of the pretrip is making sure you have clean windows and mirrors.
  7. BigUnionGuy

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    File a grievance under Article 15 Section 1 of your UPS Freight contract.

    As a resolution in the grievance, request that the company provide the materials and that it be done on the clock.

    If your BA doesn't take care of it, in an expedient manner.... Call the Principal Officer of your Local, and tell him you will take it up with the FMCSA.

  8. Anonymous 10

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    Nice BUG way to come through for the guy.
  9. over9five

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    Anything kept in your PC or tractor must have the original label on it.

    They once paid me to go around with a box and remove anything without a label on it from 100 tractors and shifters. This was done before a big audit.
  10. tiknan_tono

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    Unfortunately you can get in big trouble for this as any chemicals on site must have an msds on file
  11. over9five

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    Correct. Do we have an MSDS for Windex, Fantastic, and every other Joe Blow glass cleaner that each driver is going to bring in? Don't think so.
  12. Anonymous 10

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    Hopefully you got about ten hours out of it.
  13. UPSGUY72

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    Tell that to are mechanics they keep oil in a old Windex like bottle..
  14. FracusBrown

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    From OSHA FAQs

    OSHA FAQs - Hazard Communication

    Do you need to keep MSDSs for commercial products such as "Windex" and "White-Out"?

    OSHA does not require that MSDSs be provided to purchasers of household consumer products when the products are used in the workplace in the same manner that a consumer would use them, i.e.; where the duration and frequency of use (and therefore exposure) is not greater than what the typical consumer would experience. This exemption in OSHA's regulation is based, however, not upon the chemical manufacturer's intended use of his product, but upon how it actually is used in the workplace. Employees who are required to work with hazardous chemicals in a manner that results in a duration and frequency of exposure greater than what a normal consumer would experience have a right to know about the properties of those hazardous chemicals.
  15. over9five

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    Here's where the lines get blurred. If we have a carwasher washing 50 PC windshields per night, that is far greater "exposure" than the typical consumer.

    I'm just saying perhaps that's why the OPs boss would rather not have any on premises.
  16. ronroper

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    I will run this past our B.A./Local President, usually when I want to file on something he is very reluctant to push it thru if at all (this is another issue) if this does not work my next option will be the help desk/ethics hotline.
    I spoke with a DOT Officer yesterday and he said "mirrors and windows must be clean and free of obstruction" per the Motor Carriers Safety Hand Book, looking for that article now.
    I appreciate all the help everyone has provided.
    Thank You
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    Hi, i know this is a little off topic, sorry, but it is union related. I am a four year ups part time employee(local#294 in ny), i applied to work for ups freight(local #707), also in ny. I was told that i couldn't work for both at the same time. Does anyone know why?
  18. The company policy again is being misinterpreted by this T.M. The policy is that you can have cleaning supplies have them strapped in so that they don't become projectiles in an accident and they have to be in their original container showing exactly what they are. A bottle of Windex for example; states that it is Windex and what is in it. Have him show you that company policy and read it for yourself. You cannot have a refillable bottle with no writing on it. How one simple rule can be so misinterpreted is beyond belief.
  19. I agree. This is how it is supposed to be done.
  20. I hate it when someone ask a question like this, now I have to go do some research. mumble grumble,,,,get back to you on this one.