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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by yo0123yo, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. yo0123yo

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    I bought some new wheels for my car online and the seller used UPS ltl freight and it says its supposed to be at the facility near me on monday, my question is since i've never used UPS Freight in my life, will the packages be delivered to my door or do I have to go pick it up at some facility? Thank you.
  2. crzy4trucks

    crzy4trucks AM Preloader

    Probably will be delivered to your door... I load Wheels all the time... Unless a heavy air frieght truck rolls to your house... I dunno what the process is...
  3. ups79

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    probably depends upon what you paid for. Did you pay to have it delivered to your house and you responsible to get it off the tail of the truck? Did you pay to have it delivered inside your garage or house? Or did you pay(the cheap way)to have it delivered to a dock at which you will pick_up?
  4. yo0123yo

    yo0123yo New Member

    I really have no idea lol the guy said the shipping was around 200 i think for four wheels and four tires, so thats what I paid, how will i know if i have to go pick it up myself or if they bring it here?
  5. crzy4trucks

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    Call or Go on
  6. yo0123yo

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    ok i called them and they said if theres a place at my house where a semi with a trailer can get around then they deliver it, but i know that semis are not allowed in my part of town but they can most likely get around and it shouldnt take them a long time to drop them off
  7. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    What that usually means is that there is no through traffic allowed. If you have business in that part of town, say a delivery, then you can make that delivery. But to drive from one side to the other and crossing that section would be against the law.

  8. yo0123yo

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    ah ok but its being shipped to my household, not a business, does that mean most likely the trailer tractor driver will make the delivery here?
  9. southerngrits

    southerngrits UPSFreight Greenville SC

    I work for upsfreight.. a manager will call you to set up an appointment, at which time he will ask you if we can get a 45-48ft trailer in your area or if we need to send a "pup" (28ft).. it will be delivered to your house, most delivery drivers just like me will wheel them in the garage anyways...