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    InsideUPS had an article on the new hydraulic hybrid that is going to be road tested in Detoit. Every now and then in the past few years I see UPS brag about how they are at the forefront and deploying new test vehicles to see how they are doing. I've seen the CNG, LNG, fuel cell, electric and now hhybrid cars. What do you think? Have you seen/driven them? Any thoughts on when there might be a general rollout?
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    Darn I didnt see the article it automatically went in the garbage along with roundups.
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    If general rollout means widespread use throughout the system, you gotta figure even the oldest package cars in use today still have a good 15 years of life remaining with a little freshening.

    So without even knowing how many years you have left, I'm gonna take a gamble here and say it'll be long after you've retired. :w00t:
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    They just print those articles for PR. Its simply not cost effective to use a whole fleet of these "green" vehicles. If it were, everyone would be driviing them. Are you going to drive a car with a max speed of 40 mph that you have to recharge every 4 hours? These vehicle might work for routes that are next to the center but nor for rural routes that do 150 miles per day. The technology is just not there yet.
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    you obviously do not know what a hydraulic hybrid is...
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    Hello, was just reading a mercedes-benz magazine called "transport" which is available at mb-dealers. no 3/2006
    In it this time an article about UPS and it using MB sprinters.

    It states that UPS is testing 2 (two) Dodge Sprinters using fuelcell-technology in the US.


    Regards from the Netherlands........
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    Here's a link with more info. Recent Developments with Urban Delivery Vehicles | Clean Automotive Technology | US EPA
    I have no problems with moving forward and looking at new technology, but it's hard for me to consider UPS as green when the P1000 that delivers in our area belches huge clouds of blue exhaust all day long. I understand needing longevity in our vehicles, but if it's worn out, fix and or replace.