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    Just curious if anyone here has ever called that UPS Helpline that they publish in their Code Of Conduct or Policy Book (1-800-220-4126). Just can't seem to remember which one it was.

    I understand that it is a number "UPS" offers, but I'm just wondering what exactly do you talk about...

    Let me know. Any insight will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

    THANX!!! ~:->>>
  2. dilligaf

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    The help line is to file complaints. I have called it several times when I had another driver harrassing me. When you call you explain in detail the events of what took place. Who what when where why. The more accurate and precise you are the better. You are given a case number and told to call back after a certain period of time and then are given the results of the complaint. In my case I knew the results before I called back because I had a meeting with my center team including DM and DM and the head HR.

    The complaint is then forwarded to the appropriate corp. dept which eventually filters back down to your center level. You can remain anonymous when filing a complaint.
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    The UPS Code of Business Conduct book is on under Our Company. The pdf file is under related links on the right side of the page. Page 7 of the book has what I think the OP is looking for and is what Dilli basically described.
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    Not sure how anonymous you remain. We had our OMS call in a complaint, next day the center manager called them into the office to discuss the complaint they had filed against her.
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    I have downloaded this and the policy book to my computer so I have access to it at any time without logging onto I have also printed both so I have a hard copy of it. Everyone should read both of these. You'd be surprised at the things that you can find in thses.
  6. dilligaf

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    This is especially true in small centers. Everyone knows everything and it is easy to figure out who said what. In my case I didn't bother to try and remain anonymous. I wanted the SOB to know that I filed a complaint.
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    Hi All:

    New to this site. Has anybody had problems with contractual Progression pay increases and or COLA increases. Also, Has anybody had ongoing issue with pay rate for vacations and OPD's. Just wondered if any body has suggestions for continued problems.

    I am disgusted and tired of having to jump through hoops to obtain what is already stated in out contract. The company treats part time employees as second class citizens and employees. This is always what they refer to when querying supervisors about pay issues. It's as if we don't matter or count or have value.

    I am sick and tired of this! Hope somebody else can identify and offer some suggestions.

    Sick up and fed
  8. menotyou

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    I have called the number to complain about sups. It is basically a tool for keeping a record of harassment. I have several case numbers and notebooks filled with events that have occurred.
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    Did you file a grievance?
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    The Preponderance of Evidence is the key.
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    Are you talking about the COLA in Article 33 of the National Master Agreement? If so, it is 12 cents per hour, and is effective August 1, 2011 and thereafter. You have to be out of Progression to get it though. Part-time Progression lasts five years.

    The previous COLA was in 2006. Also 12 cents.