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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by borndifferent, May 6, 2013.

  1. borndifferent

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    Hello, i am new to this board. I had an interview as a preloader 2 weeks ago. Everything went well, i was told to wait for the background check which could take 2 weeks. Tomorrow would be the 2 week mark, so i sent an email out to the HR last week and asked about it. I got a response that the background check has not been submitted yet and something about the employment req. and that may possible could take a while. I REALLY want this job as it fits my schedule and i want to make a career here but should i just give up. Dont look like i will be hired anytime soon since my background check has not been submitted yet. Thanks
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    Here is the real story You and a many other people applied for a position or positions UPS always interviews more people than they actually need because some people do not want the job after they find out what it involves or quit / get fired before they make there 30 days. With that being said it cost money to do back ground checks so UPS isn't going to do one unless they actually need and want to hire you.

    Do get discouraged keep emailing, calling or reapply. The squeaky wheel gets the most grease. I had to apply twice before I got hired.
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    This is, quite often, a ture story here.

    I also went on a walkthrough of the building, had the interview and waited, waited and waited some more. About six weeks went by, I was ready to give up, and I got he call to come in for the class.

    UPS HR is slow as can be when it comes to just about everything. Dont give up and wait it out. I would stop thinking about it and one day it will happen. If not, then apply again in the future.
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    I wouldn't advise trying to make a UPS pt job your career. A career at UPS happens while you work on your real career, that's when you make a choice.
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    One person at our center had to reapply for 9 months, but he finally got on. While UPS as a worthwhile career is certainly a matter of debate, if you really want it, hang in there, you will get the opportunity.
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    Thanks for the responses I just reapplied for one that's 16 miles away (out of town). Which ever one offers me first I will take
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    you should just try and get in the hub that is closer to u, as a part timer your check will not be that big and the cost of gas money traveling 32 miles round trip daily is going to kill you.
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    Like the nickname. Give us the meaning behind it!