UPS hit and run.

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    I went outside on my break to have a smoke. I work the early morning preload. When I went to my car a barrel full of cement, holding a no parking sign was knocked over, into my car, creating a gouge in the paint down to the bare metal. I have to assume it was one of the feeder drivers, because they are the only ones aloud to drive in that area (my car was the last in a row, where the driver would round a corner to park the trailer. The barrel signifies the end of the parking area and the beginning of the area where the feeder driver is to go). Management came out, saw the damage. We took pictures.

    Anyone have something like this happen before? Any thoughts on how the process is going to go? The damage isn't horrible by any means, but its my car, I love my car,

    It's hard for me to think the feeder driver knew he hit it, and took off anyway. At the same time could I be getting him into serious trouble? I know UPS is very strict about accidents. I'll put this in the freight section so I can get their input.
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    Do you work at a Freight or Package facility?
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    As a feeder driver, I would stop and report the accident.. Not that I would want that to happen, but not reporting it is dishonest and grounds for termination.. Having an accident and reporting it does not get you fired ( unless it causes death). Sorry about your car. Also, is this near a customer counter? Where I work, the customer counter is in a heavily traveled area. We feeders have been instructed to not go near it at point is could it have been caused by someone other than a feeder driver? I can not imagine a driver not reporting it, but I have seen some stupid things done by stupid drivers...
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    Do you work for UPS freight? If not, wrong spot. Both freight and small package have feeder drivers. Either way, ask to get security involved. If its proven it was a feeder driver and they can identify who, he will be issued discipline for failure to report an accident, but if you plan on holding ups liable for the damage, you have to allow them (some locations you may need to pressure them) to investigate.
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    You should ask if your facility has security cameras.
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    We are a very small facility, I do not work for freight, I work as a loader. How to explain it. The facility is a long building. One end of the building has a trailer sticking straight out of it. Ups has a parking area, where the cars will park Perpendicular to that trailer sticking out of the end, about 3 cars, and has a barrel after the 3rd car indicating "No Parking Beyond This Point". As a trailer will round that corner, or maybe be pulled out along where the cars are parked, it would be very easy for the back end of the trailer to bump the barrel and sign without really noticing it (my guess).

    When we are working, the entire area becomes restricted to freight drivers, and to even walk out there would require a yellow vest. Because the car was fine 2 minutes before work, and the damage was noticed 1 minute into our first break, it is safe to assume it was a feeder driver.

    As soon as I saw it I informed management. They came out, we took pictures, and the pre load full time supervisor said "I will make sure this is taken care of for you".

    I don't know if they are going to go after freight, or the 2 drivers who were on that morning, or if they are going to handle as UPS. I was parked in a defined parking area, it was UPS property that fell onto my car and gouged it. I just hope they don't drag it along, or that I have to pester them about it. Unlike many other employees, I have some faith in management, and believe they have integrity. If they try to wezel out of it, the facility will lose one if its few employees who is not dug in ready for a Teamster-ups war at every turn.
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    Maybe it would be wise to notify your insurance ?
    Just to lt them know it advance.
    It's not your fault - your rates won't go up.
    But insurance companies don't like it, if they get notified by the other party first (other insurance company).
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    Just submit the bill to your insurance and let them pester UPS. They'll get it taken care of faster than you could.

  9. As I have said before, UPS has to Increase security at its Parking Lot. to many incidents happen on the daily nationwide, Unfortunately most are unreported.
    I recommend you file a report to UPS hotline, UPS DM, your center manager, and push the topic in the next Safety Meeting. Also try suing the company.

    Thanks Loyal Teamster
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    yes, we know. Some evil troll stole your magnet.
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    Hell, if you think they treat your personal car bad... you should see the package cars after the car parkers get a hold of them lol

    I love when I come in and a damned package car is parked a foot off my car... Gets me pretty annoyed...
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    If it was truly a UPS driver then he's automatically at fault.
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    No security camera in that area. Had to be a feeder driver, problem is there was two on. The full time sup said the day of the incident that he would make sure it's taken care of, he has the pictures I took. I guess now its a waiting game. Ill make sure once or twice a week I ask him how's the process. If nothing happens for about two weeks Ill take another route?

    A lawyer would be overkill for such a small issue. Ill call my union steward on Monday. See if he can/ wants to get involved.
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    Why are you going to involve a steward? It's not a union issue that your car was damaged on the property, it's UPS' issue. Keep on the preload SUP who was in charge of the shifters, and see to it that they do in fact remedy it. It has nothing to do with the union, and a lawyer, as you said is overkill.

    As long as you weren't the victim of bumper magnet theft, you should be all right

  15. Just call your car insurance, they'll guide you on the correct path. there is no need for an investigation, UPS has insurance for these types of accidents. This Has nothing to do with YOUR JOB nor UNION. UPS DAMAGED YOUR CAR & YOUR NEED TO DEAL WITH THERE INSURANCE. I find your case sooo Frustrating because I'd have this issue resolved within a 2 hours.

    ​Loyal Teamster
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    It was probably your fault. Parked to close to the corner, didn't tuck your mirrors in, and no flashers!!! You may get a warning letter for this!!!
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    UPS is not responsible for damage to vehicles in the parking lot.
    My center even has parking lot cameras but doesn't matter. People's cars still get vandalized and UPS will do nothing.
  18. "When I went to my car a barrel full of cement, holding a no parking sign was knocked over, into my car...", "I have to assume it was one of the feeder drivers, because they are the only ones aloud to drive in that area..."
    Thats all I need for a civil case(and most likely win), Get a quote at the BEST( most expensive Bodyshop) in your area. Take to your center manager( NOT WHILE YOUR ON THE CLOCK) and warn him you'll file a civil case if not resolved at the moment.
    If he doesn't pay up, file a civil case and quit Bit********.

    ​Loyal Teamster
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    Thanks for the advise. Quitting would be hard, I am fully prepared for the long haul, full time driver position, and make a career out of UPS.

    A civil case could be an option, I would win. Even if I can't prove it was a ups employee who knocked over the barrel into my car, the barrel is UPS property, and ups property damaged my car. Even if it were wind.

    I like the idea of getting an estimate done. I think my next step, maybe at the end of next week if I don't hear of any process with it, would be to present them with an estimate.

    So many people, both on here and the people I work with on the belt (especially seasoned employees) and convinced that UPS will try and wezel out of paying for the damages. I'm going to hold on to the little faith that ups has some integrity, and will pay it. I'm actually interested to see how it pans out.
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    Are sure one of tour co-workers didn't do it? ....If they didn't I might have!!!...........Just saying