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  1. Saru

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    Anybody know anything about Jobs in Maine? What is the job growth like there, and the waiting period like to become a driver? Any information on UPS jobs in Maine would be helpful. Thanks!
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    humm...i would think you would have to be more specific about where in Maine. it looks like a big
  3. Saru

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    Portland, or S. Portland, Me area. Thanks!
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    There are a lot of variables that have to be taken into account on how long it takes to become a driver if you get hired as part timer to start. These variables change all the time and include but are not limited too drivers retiring, routes being cut, number of PT people ahead of you that want to drive, the 6 to 1 inside to out hiring ratio, etc. It could be a year or it could be 10 or more years.

    Have you ever been to Maine??? Here are some facts that might help you.