UPS Invests In Ground Network Helping Switzerland Connect Faster To 8 European Countries

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    Switzerland among first countries to benefit from faster ground export connections

    UPS (NYSE:UPS) announced today a series of enhancements to its ground network that will result in larger exporting opportunities for customers in Switzerland. Every exporter in Switzerland can now benefit from a one day faster UPS Standard® service when shipping to Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Slovenia and Poland.

    “While our fastest services will always be our suite of UPS express services¹, we have shaved a full day off our transit time in these areas for our most economical cross border service.” said Nando Cesarone, President, UPS Europe. “UPS has committed to invest $2 billion into its European network and infrastructure by 2019. This upgrade connecting our customers in Switzerland to their trading partners in Europe is part of that investment and allows them to reach new markets in a fast and efficient way,” Cesarone continued.

    Ecommerce Europe estimates that the European Internet economy will grow from 2.2% of Europe’s GDP in 2014 to 6.6% in 2020. This rise in ecommerce means that customers are becoming more empowered than ever, even in traditionally B2B sectors such as industrial manufacturing and automotive.

    According to UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper™ study conducted by comScore, 58 % of online shoppers will abandon their cart if they feel the delivery time is too lengthy. Moreover, 43% of customers say that late delivery decreases their likelihood to buy from the same merchant again. With a faster UPS Standard service, businesses in Switzerland can continue to drive customer satisfaction by getting products to customers quickly and at an affordable price.

    Faster delivery times also means more opportunity for small businesses in Switzerland to take advantage of the benefits of exporting. According to UPS’s 2015 European SME Exporting Insights survey of more than 10,000 SME owners, companies that export have a significant edge over those that focus only on their home country.

    “UPS has been helping reliably connect Switzerland-based businesses of all sizes to the world for more than 25 years”, said Cesarone. “These latest enhancements are further proof of our long-standing commitment to providing the high quality of service UPS is known for.”

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