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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by ram0213, May 9, 2012.

  1. ram0213

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    The UPS depot by me is hiring part time package handlers, however, I read the Central Supplemental contract and it states that UPS can hire package handlers between May and September to cover package handlers on vacation and those hired would be temporary workers...meaning their time would NOT be counted towards seniority.

    If this is true then UPS is trying to pull a fast one in my opinion. I would love to work for UPS but not if I would gain any seniority and then of course after September comes the dreaded holiday season where you would not gain seniority during that time either.

    I have checked their website regularly since January and this is the first time my home center is hiring this year. It leads me to believe that they only want temporary workers and are not looking to hire permanent package handlers. Am I wrong to think this is unfair ? Its bad enough one would have to wait a year before receiving benefits but the way UPS is running things, at least in Michigan, getting seniority is next to impossible.

    Any thoughts ?
  2. Coldworld

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    Why would you want to work like a slave for 8.50 an hour with no benefits?? You would probably do better at fedex or some other company....
  3. cachsux

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    Someone once said "If you want fair go sell tickets to the carnival". It's UPS's business and ultimately if they think thats the new game plan and you disagree with it the go flip burgers. You don't even work here yet and you're whining. Next it will be that you have to work X number of years to go full time. Quit while you're ahead.
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    True but we all have been there. If you are already crying dont apply
  5. brownIEman

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    If it is right there in black in white what UPS is trying to do, and why, how is that trying to pull a fast one?
  6. Holdemhook68

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    Just apply, then ask at the interviewer are being hirred as vacation coverage or as a regular hire. turn over is high in the part time ranks, do what you want. You can always walk away, don't listen to all these negative people, they sure aren't leaving anytime soon.
  7. DainGrant

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    Just apply bro and if u get thru work the gig and see what it looks like if u like it or not but its definately a job worth taking the b.s for a lil while. Just do your best and bust ur ass. Most of these guys started at the bottom like myself. If u want to move up in ups u have the opportunity to do so. What do u want to do?
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    The OP knows way too much about UPS seniority, free periods, etc.
  9. uber

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    I've never heard a hub referred to as a depot.
  10. reydluap

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    I have been with UPS for 35 years now. It has always been this way. I was hired under the same circumstances. At first I felt the same way as ram0213 does. But now that I have seen both sides of UPS's logic, I have to agree with UPS. When UPS hires temporary employees, they can see what you are made of,if you are a worker or not. If you work hard and do your job, most likely UPS will keep you. But if you show up late for work,lazy,or don't show up at loss to UPS or the fellow employees that are taking up the slack, UPS just hires someone else.

    I came from a generation where you always did different jobs to try to improve yourself in life. Now a days it seems like people think life is handed to you and they are to be feed by a silver spoon because they deserve it. If you want the job with UPS, apply. You'll start at the bottom like the rest of us did.
  11. menotyou

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    I wish they would use that 30 day period to test your measure. It seems now they just keep trying to put the square peg in the round hole. They keep anything that walks through the door, because no one wants to work under the conditions that exist now for the wages they are paying. We don't offer a free burger on your break, either.
  12. TechGrrl

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    "Hub" is a UPS-only term, which would generally not be used by non-UPSers. "Depot" is a more generic, industry wide term.