UPS is now fully caught up in Seattle!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by wescaddle, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Live it, learn it!
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    Hmmm. I'm not caught up. Had EC packages yesturday for roads I have not been on in a month. But, yes, I think everything is going out on road everyday. Everything is not being delivered everyday yet. Of course, I'm not in Seattle, but somewhere in the great Northwest.
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    Better tell the Seattle P.I.
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    Spokane was almost caught up, but then the support beams on the roof started to bend under the load of the snow. We had to evacuate the building and do an Amish sort using man power to move packages outside on our MDU's/PDC's (trailers that have bay doors on them for loading package cars). That sucked and there were some :censored2: off customers. I can't say as I blame them, there's been 27 or so building collapses because of the snow load around here recently including a local grocery chain and 3 walmarts and both Costco's as well started to sag. I know no one wants to be the person to try and pull 70 grand out of Seattles butt to get the snow shoveled, so instead they waited till the roof sagged and then lost some 2 million in packages running through the system again and for roof repair. It's going to cost some 2 million to get the building repaired. They did a temporary fix with support beams, but I would think that with our space problem, that 2 million would be better spent expanding or even building a new building with more space to get things done. Fat chance at that though.
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    Snow is gone. But now there is massive flooding. Another long day today. It was just declared a state of emergency.... And yes... I'm at home taking my lunch break surfing this stupid site... And eating a bag of cookies a nice customer gave me this morning.
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    First the snow- now massive flooding? You guys must have REALLY :censored2: "you know who" off.:peaceful:
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    This flooding is crazy. I just drove down by the Puyallup river and a cop stopped me and told me I could be arrested for passing police barriers. Mud slides everywhere. Rodster what center are you out of?
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    Is that the short bus you ride? LOL JK Why would you go around barricades?

    Az has a stupid motorist law for going past barricades. It cost the motorists if they have to be rescued.
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    Not caught up anymore.

    Every highway into NW WA is closed. All passes are closed. I5 is flooded.
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    I've been whining all week because we have to ice skate down most of the driveways to make the delivery. Compared to the crap out west, I'll keep the snow and ice.
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    Wow, how very inspirational. You have such a way with words. :sleeping2:
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    Also heard the railroad is shut down.
    Seems that all the traffic has no place to go, everyone is just driving around in circles.:wink2:
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    My center didn't get much stuff today so I got the day off !!!! Just looking at photo galleries of the devastation. I'm shocked. Fortunately I live in a place relatively unnaffected. But down the hill from me people are submerged.