UPS lays off 6 in state, including 3 in Butte

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    UPS lays off 6 in state, including 3 in Butte - MTS Standard

    United Parcel Service laid off six employees in Montana this week, including three in its Butte freight division.

    Company spokesman Dan McMackin verified the layoffs from UPS headquarters in Atlanta, Ga. He said the cutbacks were necessary because of a decrease in large business customers in the region.
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    Thats bad news. Since we at our center have been told a few times, that UPS makes Pride, in never laying off people.
    But, times changed.
    I feel really sorry for these workers, that have lost good pay, and don't even have medical coverage now.

    Montana boarders us to the south. I wished they could come here and work (UPS is hiring here).

    My sorrow goes out to them, and I hope they get by, and find another decent paying job soon.