UPS looks to expand back-office unit in Philippines

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    UPS looks to expand back-office unit in Phllipines - Philstar

    “We have a lot of administrative jobs in the Philippines and we continue to look at putting more administrative jobs in the Philippines,” UPS International president Daniel Brutto told reporters in a press conference held here late Wednesday.

    Derek Woodward, UPS president for the Asia Pacific region, said in the same event that the firm is looking to expand its back office operations and maintain its presence in the Philippines as it considers the country to be one of its important markets. He said the firm has plans of rolling out the delivery information acquisition device (DIAD) V, a handheld mobile device carried by UPS drivers to facilitate online customer tracking requests, in the Philippines.

    Curt Rosseau, UPS vice president for information technology for the Asia Pacific region said in the same event that the DIAD V will be deployed in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and Vietnam this year, while the worldwide roll out is slated for 2013.