UPS Management Running Routes??

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If they have exhausted all possible options and use every possible union employee, then yes they can run routes to prevent service failures. If they didn't ask every single union employee including utility drivers, 22.3, pre loaders, etc., then a grievance can be filed.

And by preloader I mean that the management person drives while the preloader comes along as a jumper.


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Grieve it....they’ve chosen to not properly staff the buildings.

We haven’t hired any 22.4’s in my building and are now horrifically understaffed.

My building has people working 12 hour days and it’s been like that for about a month.

Your steward has the right to investigate timecards to get the proper info on supervisors working along with the route numbers.


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Our on roads have been running dropped routes since I can remember. They usually take a preloader as a jumper.