UPS, Nat'l Gay and Lesbian Org. Team Up

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    UPS Expands Supply Program to Include Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender-Owned Businesses

    ATLANTA (AP) -- United Parcel Service Inc., the world's largest shipping carrier, said Tuesday its expanded its supplier diversity program to include businesses owned by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender merchants.
    The expansion is through a partnership with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, which represents about 1.4 million businesses owned by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.

    Launched in 1992, UPS said its supplier diversity process provides opportunities for small businesses and those owned by minorities.

    Shares of UPS rose 48 cents to $71.67 in afternoon trading.

    I thought the best thing was don't ask & don't flaunt it, maybe I'm old fashioned! Is this supposed to get the stock moving up?
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    Just gives me the warm fuzzies when UPS is so pc
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    UPS Expands Supply Program to Include Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender-Owned Businesses

    What kind of supplies ??? :dissapointed:

    A customer is a customer....who asks sexual orientation when courting a customer ??? :dissapointed:

    Am I "not getting" the gist of this story ???
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    All I have to say is...... :censored2::censored2::censored2:????
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    wow, why do they make a big deal out of it, i would prefer not to know if a person is a butt pirate or not
  6. mattwtrs

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    Looks like the stock had a upward bounce of over $1.00 to $72.79 after this news.What will be the next big PR??
  7. Average at Best

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    The supplies they are talking about here are internal supplies, not the customers that ship with us. For example, in Plant Engineering, when they are installing new unload devices, they take bids for the electrical work. UPS is supposed to include minority businesses in the bids (it's part of the internal audit process). Suppliers can be the company that owns the vending machines, the contractors for PE type work, etc. etc. It's the internal side of the business.

    Hope this clarifies a little.
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    Thankyou! THat is what I was going to post.

    I just returned from a day long seminar on EVA, the virginia program to get small business up and running. They have to try to give at least 40% of the bids to companies that are small business, (less than 250 employees, or less than 10 mil over 3 years in revenue), women owned business, or minority owned.

    It does make sense if you think about it. 97% of the work force in VA is employed by a small business, only 3% by big businesses. So when the small business grows, so does the economy.

  9. Channahon

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    Adding this group enhances the UPS Supplier Diversity Group . It gives local minority owned businesses an opportunity for growth and and a business relationship with UPS.

    And quite honestly, it is sometimes easier working with a local company. If there's a problem, it's nice to work things out face to face.

    As Dannyboy stated:

    So when the small business grows, so does the economy.

    And our economy need a lot of help!!!
  10. dannyboy

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    The problem is the super large businesses have an unfair advantage when it comes to buying.

    Take walmart. You have a product and you are trying to sell it at say 5 bucks. Walmart comes in, tells you they will pay 3.85. If you dont sell to them at that price, they will buy it over seas. and in the process put you out of business. Same with groceries. They are not the cheapest. But they make you think they are. And when the competition is gone, the low prices are too.

    The small businesses are the backbone of this country and the employer of the main workforce.

    As for the header on this thread, it is just pandering to the gay population. It seems they have been in UPS's case for a while anyway, this is just a cheap shot to get them to back off.

  11. DS

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    Bob Walton,a (pkg driver) from East Brunswick ,is pleased as punch with the news,as he completes a pickup from "Bunnies and Bows" HI BOB!
  12. IWorkAsDirected

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    I don't get it, who cares what their deal is? They are customers right? I just don't get it.
  13. dannyboy

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    I work

    The reason you dont get it is because they are not a customer. They are a UPS supplier. They supply goods to ups. UPS buys goods from them. They might or might not be a shipper, that is not the reason for the newsbrief.

    Now do you get it?:happy2:

    That being said, I find it disgusting. Not that they do business with minority owned businesses, but that they felt like they had to single this group out for extra special mention. To me, a small business is a small business, and the sexual orientation should not be an issue. If they supply something I need at a fair price, whats the big deal as to who they shack up with?

    My next question would be, if you have a contract for buying something, and you have a minority woman small business, and a male gay business, which do you give the contract to???? And why?

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    Sodom looked like a going concern once too.
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    In an effort to be more politically correct, maybe hold out for a business owned by a minority lesbian dwarf?:wink2: This was posted in jest, please take this as an attempt at humor.
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    Scratch you are way to funny LMAO:rofl:
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    I don't think the increase in price of UPS shares was because of this news. The market overall was up 400 points yesterday. Just about all stocks are winners on days like that.
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    Re: UPS Supply Program open to all!

    New addition today!!!

    UPS Expands Supply Program to Include Child Molester, Pervert, and other Sex Criminal-Owned Businesses

    Stock has jumped another $1.00

    (anything for a buck!)

    This was posted in jest, please take this as an attempt at [-]humor[/-] sarcasm.
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    Those gays.... What next? From Brown to Pink?
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    Scratch, was that minority lesbian dwarf handicapped also?