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    United Parcel Service Ranks No. 43 on the 2007 Fortune 500

    June 13 2007: 10:48 AM EDT

    NEW YORK (Fortune) -- United Parcel Service (UPS (Charts, Fortune 500)) ranks no. 43 on FORTUNE's list of America's largest corporations.
    The Atlanta, GA-based company was ranked No. 44 on the 2006 list. Its 2006 revenues were up 11.7 percent from the previous year; profits were up 8.6 percent from the previous year.

    Other companies in the Mail, Package, Freight Delivery sector on this year's Fortune 500 include: FedEx (FDX (Charts, Fortune 500)) ranked No. 68.
  2. Salesguy

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    By working together we become..... Fortunes number one!
  3. over9five

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    It is thanks to Salesguy that we're even on this list!

    His hard work, his dedication, his pounding the pavement has led to this great success.

    It is time for Eskew to step down. I nominate Salesguy as CEO!
  4. 1989

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    I second the nomination for Salesguy.
  5. athena

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    Why stop at CEO of UPS, I nominate him for President of the USA. Who knows what he could do with this country?! Go Salesguy!
  6. hoser

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    oh god, the [-]chinese[/-] UPS propaganda machine is back....:w00t: