UPS open door for union at truck unit seen smart

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    [​IMG] UPS open door for union at truck unit seen smart - Reuters

    Package delivery company United Parcel Service Inc.'s recent decision not to block union attempts to organize its nonunion trucking unit is a gamble analysts said may improve its position in labor contract talks due to start soon.
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    It might be a great advantage for both UPS and UPS Freight as long as the general president of the Teamsters is defeated in the election in October! Under the present administration of the Teamsters who could advise anyone at UPS Freight to vote Union!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    In all reality this would be a good move for UPS and the employees at UPS Freight if it wasnt for the administration of Jimmy Hoffa as Teamsters President!! When and if he is defeated in the October election then the members will have a say in how the Teamster Union is operated, if not then how can any UPSer say in good faith that it is advisable to join the Teamsters!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Don't think that UPS doesn't know what it is doing opening up UPS Freight to the teamsters. The deal is already done on the 2008 contract or UPS would never have let it happen.
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    UPS knows what it is doing. The deal is done for 2008.
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    ExUPSer, are you saying that no matter how we, the voting workforce, vote in July 2008 the package (contract) has already been determined and agreed upon between the company and the union?
    Are/were you in a position to know these inner workings?