UPS opens first phase of Worldport expansion

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    UPS opens first phase of Worldport expansion - Atlanta Business Chronicle

    United Parcel Service Inc. Tuesday began operating the first phase of the $1.1 billion Worldport expansion at Louisville [Ky.] International Airport.

    The first phase will allow UPS to expand its package-sorting capacity at the hub by 15 percent, to 350,000 packages per hour, from 304,000 packages per hour.

    When the total project is complete, Worldport will be expanded to 5.2 million square feet from 4 million square feet. The number of aircraft docks will be expanded to 70 from 26. The number of conveyors will be expanded to 31,578 from 12,874.
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    Good for them, bad for us. We've lost runs because of the expansion.