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    [FONT=Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif]Ihave a usual situation and wanted to get your guys thoughts. LastThursday I was offered a position at USPS. Sales clerk position. 15$a hour, but no guaranteed hours. Tomorrow I have a interview for ahazardous material handler position at UPS. It's a permanent,parttime(30hours guaranteed)per week job, the pay hasn’t been discussedyet. I’m honestly unsure of which position to take if ups offers methe hazardous material handler position. I’m sure USPS pays more atthe start, but what would be better long term?

    Thank You for your time.
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    Haven't worked at USPS before. But I can tell you this, nothing can be worse than working at UPS. Management is very corrupt and immature - not your usual professional managers who had experience (REAL EXPERIENCES), a more suitable name would be street thugs who has powers. The pay at UPS is crap, I'm pretty sure you would start at $9.50 breaking your back for peanuts. And the guarantee is not 30 hrs, it's 17 1/2 hours. They will say anything to get you to sling boxes like a madman for peanuts. Take the USPS offer and don't even consider working here at UPS.
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    I disagree entirely. Go with UPS!!!! He's dealing with Hazmats which is indeed a 30hr/week+ job. (Make sure that is indeed the position, otherwise yes you'll be making peanuts). USPS is dying a slow death. I can almost guarantee you wouldn't be there long before they cut back employment even more. UPS just get ready to deal with a lot of BS, but just do what I do.....nod & smile
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    well unfortantly I just found out at the interview that I'm not able to work the hazmat position becuase my brother is also employed at that hub and for some reason you arent allowed to work hazmat if you have family that works at the same place.
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    This sounds like a non-union "FT Specialist" job. No idea what the pay scale would be.
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    I don't think so ... "Specialists" jobs are usually technical in nature and require a degree or some type of certification but not responsibilities managing other people.
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    you've been at UPS for what....four months? Come back in about four years and give employment advice.....
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    Post office losing billions a dollars every quarter.

    UPS making billions a dollars...

    The choice is up to you....
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    It can't be that bad since you supposedly have been and still are working for UPS.

    If you want to tell someone that UPS is a terrible place to work please do it after you quit that way someone might take what you say seriously.
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