UPS package undeliverable because of bear in driveway

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    I had a doctor on a route who lived in a rambling cedar house in the woods. About halfway up his drive he had a plywood cut-out of a bear leaning against a tree.

    Started up to his house one morning kinda day-dreaming, and saw that thing in the middle of his drive. I stopped the truck and started to get out to move it, then it turned it’s head and looked at me.

    Oh, hell no!
  3. Unbearable. Get growled at in the office and mauled on route the same day. Hair raising.
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    We have some guy near our area that has some big cat refuge. There was a story one night on the news about one of the tigers escaping. The next day I was on my route and had two deliveries side by side. I delivered the first box, and walked across the yard towards the next door house. As I walked around the guys car in the driveway, I about :censored2: myself. This guy had the most life-like, life-size tiger stuffed animal “sunning” itself on the lawn. My heart skipped about 20 beats until i realized it wasnt real.
  5. Maybe a good stop for an on car supe to show you the correct delivery methods.
  6. Years ago one of our rural drivers drove into a driveway to deliver and there was a panther on a leash up by the porch.
    The truck scared the big cat so badly that it broke the chain and took off into the trees by the house.
    I believe that day, that route, started the kick off of Rural Remote
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    a cover driver refused to leave a package at our house because of our dog. we have a fenced front yard with a "BEWARE OF DOG " sign on it.

    our dog weighs 12 pounds. ( he's old and has no teeth )
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    Honk... if no one comes out (ni1).
    Ask neighbor at your next stop, if you can leave with them.
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    I don't blame him. We were told If there are signs of a dog or a beware of dog sign to not attempt the delivery. So now if you get bit it 100% your fault.

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    Years ago we had a driver attacked by a mad squirrel, he had to fend himself with his diad board. I would of loved to get a video of it.