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    I just got through reading an old Sports Illustrated article about Bill Romanowski. It said he sent a feces sample to the lab to make sure his nutrition etc., is @ the right level.

    How well is packages liked that wrapped?

  2. over9five

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    Gives new meaning to the phrase "hazardous material"...
  3. dannyboy

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    Usually those type of packages are handled by Fedex or Dhl. UPs as a rule does not handle anything that is excreted from the human body or is a body fluid.

    But that does not mean we dont handle them. Once the box is sealed, who knows what is in the box?

  4. wannabeups

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    good point, who knows. If the UPS driver who picks it up read it he probably knows.
  5. wannabeups

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    please don't take this the wrong way, but I laugh more at your post than I do at the comedy house.
  6. dannyboy

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    Actually it is considered a HazMat package. And we charge quite a bit extra for that service which is why they send it through the other carriers instead of us. Not sure why our costs would be more than theirs though.

    Any time you have anything that has been exposed to bodily fluids, that package has to be handled as a damaged hazmat. Including when you bleed on a package.

  7. wornoutupser

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    I went through this a while back.
    I started getting on call airs at a blood lab that did physicals.
    When I asked what was in the bag, I was told that it was urine samples for drug testing.
    I refused to pick up any more after that, even under threat from my center manager. I told him to go get them himsef, that I REFUSED to work in a unsafe manner because nothing sealed the bag if the sample leaked.
    I eventually won-and we pushed the account over to DHL.
    The DHL driver told me that a bottle leaked less than a week after they got the account and that they refused any more packages from them.
    Let's see- HIV,TB,Hepatitus- what else was eveyone exposed to???
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    not good

    Could FedEx (nyse: FDX - news - people ) be the one to swoop in?

    Shares of Dutch transportation company TNT NV (nyse: TP - news - people ) were fizzling Thursday, giving back a big chunk of the previous day's rally that had been fueled by takeover speculation.

    Reports Wednesday said German private investor Cornelius Geber indicated he planned to put a group together to buy TNT NV. And while shares were dropping Thursday after a lack of follow-up had investors doubting a deal, Bear Stearns analyst Edward Wolfe asserted that U.S.-based FedEx would make a natural parental fit.

    With a strong presence in Europe, TNT would be the perfect compliment to FedEx's U.S. and Asia strongholds, according to Wolfe.

    "We see tremendous potential synergy for FedEx owning TNT Express throughout its global franchise," Wolfe said in a note to clients. He also thinks it's tough to predict how Wall Street would react to FedEx shares should the company make a bid, saying it would depend on how the TNT shares are paid for and how any deal would be financed.

    "However, our sense is that the market would likely give FedEx management the benefit of the doubt in purchasing a business in its core Express area, even at a high valuation."
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    While on preload, we had a box full of "green hides" come down the belt to a local taxidermist. No one wanted to stop the progress of the package due to the animal blood ooosing out of it.
  10. im in jacksonville,fl ups hub and we have 2 naval bases and almost everyday or every other day we get urine samples
  11. speeddemon

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    We get these HUGE aluminum containers that are full of BULL sperm!!!
  12. scratch

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    I used to raise Limosine Beef Cattle. This containers you are refering to are frozen bull semen in the form of "straws". They are used to artificially inseminate cows, sometimes you want to improve your herd instead of using the same bull or maybe you don't have a bull. They are completely sterile and safe, expensive and packed in dry ice. Installing these were something else, almost as fun as castrating bull calves with the "Rubber Band Method". :crying: We used to use the old timey method, the neighbor's bull would come through the barbwire fence to have his way with our cows in season. We would get our neighbor's signature on the pedigree papers by swapping some round hay bales instead of cash.
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  13. Not true, We handle bodily fluids all the time, including breast milk
    I've delivered it and picked it up..

    Now we seem to have the market cornered on bull SEMEN....
  14. teamsterdan

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    I know for a fact that where we are we get fecal samples, ( they come in a small brown tube, abt. the size of a toilet paper roll) inside of a larger plastic bag marked as hazardous......the contents are listed, we also get the bull seamen, blood samples and just abt. everything else mentioned in this thread....... most of it goes to labs @ the university..... there is also a state crime lab.........also NDA letters @ least 20+ daily, said to contain paternity results......
  15. crzy4trucks

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    Rofl that reminds me of the other day... We were all busy loading our Package Cars... When we smell something funny...
    A box with crap on it came down our belt, lol.
    It smelled so awful, and then when we called one of our supervisors, He just laughed and said "Im not touching that". So he called my PT Supervisor and made him touch it... lol.
  16. Working4TheBene's

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    Let's hope that something like that is wrapped and double wrapped, make that triple wrapped!

    Unforunately, even though shippers are suppose to declare what's inside their boxes, who knows if they really do or not despite regulations....

  17. Next time this happens..send a tootsie roll down the belt...Get everyones attention by yelling.."THERE..THATS THE CULPRIT" over to it and shove it in your mouth....
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    The state does the rabies tests,so the heads of animals are being delivered and you know what rolls out of the box every once in a while:w00t:

    But my favorite one is the head shop in town. Had a box fall off the shelf and had a floor full of :censored2:s all different sizes and colors rolling all over the place:lol:
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    :lol: Now that is funny!
  20. crzy4trucks

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