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    UPS Part Time Supervisor Benefits?
    I am a current UPS part time loader. I am also a college student. I am making $9.50 an hour as of the moment.I have worked for UPS for about 7 months now. I have decided that I am wanting to become a part time supervisor within a month or so. Only reason I am doing this is to have my summer classes paid for and more pay. What is the starting pay for a part time supervisor? I am working at the Knoxville, TN hub. I was interested in learning a little more of how the tuition assistance works at UPS. Will they pay for school directly or will I have to pay my tuition first then they will reimburse me? I also wanted to know about the health and vision benefits of a part time supervisor. When will the benefits start? I am due a dental visit and eye exam so i was wondering if I should wait until I become a supervisor beforing going through with these things. All helpful information will be gladly taken and aprreciated. Please no answers saying "not to do supervision" or anything negative. I do not plan to work for UPS for forever. That's why I am in school. Thanks
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    When they came to me several years ago (I turned them down), they said that the starting pay varied on experience and could not tell me until I was actually in the process of becoming a sup. If you are married or plan on getting married keep in mind that they changed the non-union healthcare at UPS and if your spouse has available insurance at his or her place of employment, UPS will not insure them. I do not know if there is a monetary buy-in, like some companies that are doing this have now, which will allow you to get him or her into it. Also, if this is a temporary thing, that is one thing, but if you plan on going into full-time sup here, good luck. I have seen pt sups even get told they are going ft "soon" and never happens. And be ready, you will have to deal with people like me, mwahahahahahaha.
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    As for your salary as a P/T Sup you will be paid based on your current pay rate plus about 10-20% depended on what area of the country you work. Your base salary will also be based on a 27.5 "guarantee" there is overtime (if approved) but not your standard time and a half, you are paid your hourly rate until you reach 40 hrs anything over 40 is time and a half. As for your healthcare it starts day one (well as soon as you sign up) hope this helps.

    P.S. Don't expect it to be a cake walk, UPS will make you earn every dime of that tuition reimbursement.

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    Thanks for that info. I appreciate that
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    Hey guys, I just wanted to share some information I managed to find out regarding healthcare as a supervisor in California. Not sure if this applies to anywhere else in the US, but it does in So Cal..... So I was approached with an offer to become a supervisor and became interested so I began asking around for questions like salary, healthcare, and etc. Of course, management and HR both told me that they do not know this information until I was actually offered a spot and completed the whole MAPP. This is some complete bull, so being that I work for an investigations company, I began doing some investigating on my own (I'm not saying that just because I am an investigator I was able to get this information. Anybody can get this information. What I'm saying is that the reason I decided to find out this info is because I am an investigator. ) but anyways, What I was able to find out is that if promoted to sup you will get a 3-4 dollar raise. One of the insurance plans that they offer is a traditional PPO. With this plan you will pay a premium of around 17 dollars if single and about 60 dollars with a dependent. You will have a 300 dollar deductible for one person or a 500 dollar deductible for a family. Your out of pocket expenses will be 4000 dollars for a family or 2000 dollars for one person. There is a 15% copremium for basically every service except preventive care, which by law of the ACA is free. For prescriptions you must pay a 20% coinsurance. Though the 3-4 dollar raise, and resume builder sounds appealing, the health insurance is what makes me have my concerns. I hope this information is helpful to anybody.