UPS Pilot Accused Of Raping Children

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    UPS Pilot Accused Of Raping Children - WGCL

    Clayton County sheriff’s deputies arrested Weldon Mark Gilbert of Seattle, Wash., at an Atlanta hotel Thursday after getting a tip.

    Gilbert has been charged with rape of a child in custody, six counts of third degree rape of a child, two counts of child molestation, and two counts of sexual exploitation of a child.
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    Read the charging documents..
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    Know the guy and always suspected but couldn't pinpoint an allegation. Took my three kids in helicopter but one of us (husband or I were always with him). Really sad...
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    What a sick b*stard!! Hardened criminals or not, sexual exploitation of children is going to put this guy in a world of hurt when he gets to prison :scared:. Even convicts can't stand sexual predators, particularly those that prey on children....-Rocky